New, innovative intellectual property isn’t a priority for EA, according to former BioWare producer Ethan Levy.

"EA's stated strategy is fewer, bigger brands,” wrote Levy, who most recently worked on Dragon Age Legends for the gaming giant.

“Of the many new IPs developed for this generation, only Army of Two, Dead Space, and Dragon Age continue to see new versions.

“As far as I can tell from publicly facing information, creating innovative, new IPs just isn't a priority for the organization."

Levy believed that this was due to EA's success on iOS titles, which were seeing much better returns on investment than console titles with a much lower risk attached.

He cited recent iOS title The Simpsons: Tapped Out as an example – a game that earned EA US$29.6 million (AU$28.4 million) in sales.

"Big brands + big marketing budget + high production values = $$$. This is the EA formula,” Levy added.

"As Tapped Out proves, the players who enjoy the games produced by this formula have simply moved to another platform. EA's digital future has less to do with big, risky new IPs like Mirror's Edge or Brutal Legend and much more to do with the huge return on investment proven by The Simpsons' breakout success."

Tapped Out’s budget would have been a "mere sliver compared to the cost of the critical (and probable commercial) failure, Medal of Honor: Warfighter," he wrote.