In photos: Wellington's Crush Counter Capital FGC

Friendly fighting.

Check out this selection of photos from the Crush Counter Capital fighting game tournament that rocked the CQ Hotels in Wellington on July 1-2.

The event's focus was on providing a showground for fighting game players, but it also gave them a space to meet like-minded gamers and grow the community.

It was the first New Zealand tournament to feature new releases Injustice 2, Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2.

The other main games were Street Fighter V, Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. Melee, and Super Smash Bros. Project M.



1st: Zarzob(Auck)
2nd: Zanshin | Tingcos(Auck)
3rd: Blackout(Wel)
4th: JB(Wel)
5th: Mighty Ape | Waza(Auck), Mighty Ape | skyy(Auck)
7th: MrJaybel(Wel) , Soulbrother3(Rotorua)

Full bracket:


1st: Zarzob(Auck)
2nd: WrecklessSteele(Ham)
3rd: Pene Power(Palmy)
4th: Cornwillis(Wel)
5th: Nikola8Tesla(Wel), ParasiteNZ(Palmy)
7th: Blackout(Wel) , Thoughtfoul(Wel)

Full bracket:


1st: ORG Murph(Wel)
2nd: Simikins(Wel)
3rd: ORG | Slam_(Wel)
4th: PlazCheetah(Wel)

Full bracket:


1st: Blackout(Wel)
2nd: Te(Wel)
3rd: Optimus Dave(Auck)
4th: DSilv3R(Auck)

Full bracket:


1st: Crunkle(Wel)
2nd: narpas(Wel)
3rd: HughManChu(Wel)
4th: G(Wel)

Full bracket:


1st: narpas(Wel)
2nd: Crunkle(Wel)
3rd: HughManChu(Wel)
4th: G(Wel)
Full bracket :


1st: Blackout(Wel)
2nd: Mighty Ape | Waza(Auck)
3rd: DSilv3R(Auck)
4th: legenDARYL(Ham)

Full bracket:
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