Long haul flights are never fun. Especially when you're sitting next to people who need to use the bathroom five times in a twelve hour flight, each occasion forcing you to contort your frame to escape the evil clutches of an economy seat whilst simultaneously lamenting the decline of Concorde. It's 2009. Why does it still take twelve hours to get to Los Angeles?

And hey, let's face it, US Customs isn't exactly an extension of Disneyland. I'm sure the stern, heavy-set individual manning the digital fingerprint machine didn't believe that I was in LA to attend a video gaming convention. The fact that he was wearing a sidearm didn't instill confidence - how many people step straight off a plane and need to be shot anyway?

Skipping the long line of charity collectors offering extremely dubious services directly out the front of the terminal, it wasn't a long wait for a shuttle to the Convention Center. Waiting for a shuttle that wasn't actually falling to pieces on the freeway as we drove may have taken a bit longer, as they'd have to import it. I'm rapidly losing sympathy with the US car industry. In a fantastic stroke of luck, everyone aboard survived the trip to Anaheim, and after checking into the Best Western I managed to hop over the road briefly to check out the queues at the event.

It's now around 4:00pm over here, so other than collecting a pass to the event later this evening there won't be a lot to report. Tomorrow however, we'll kick off our live coverage with Blizzard panels on StarCraft II, Diablo III, BattleNet 2 and World of Warcraft. Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I'm off to the Denny's built into the motel. This will not end well.