GP: From E3 we know Gears of War 2 will be released worldwide on 7th November. Is Xbox NZ planning anything special? Do you think NZ will be the first to get their hands on it due to our advantage over GMT?

Hunt: Yes we get it first which is pretty cool – little advantage for Kiwis online. For the GoW fan boys there’s a Limited Edition copy of the game available for pre-order and at launch we might also do something at the RvB gaming lounge.

GP: Please tell us more about Xbox’s new content delivery – how and when will this benefit Kiwis?

Hunt: Xbox is putting a lot of work into the content delivery technology and content relationships – this experience has got to be all good for Kiwis as more content is made available in this region. Stay tuned!

GP: You’ve scored a massive coup with Final Fantasy, so do you think there will be more titles breaking away from platform-specific releases? Do you think we might see, for example, Gran Turismo on Xbox at some stage?

Hunt: No idea sorry, but more and more game developers are realising the benefits of Xbox 360 as a platform so I can’t wait to see what games will come over to the console.

GP: Looks like Xbox Live is due for one huge makeover! Have you seen any advanced demonstrations of the new avatars? Will this be a painless progression for Xbox Live users?

Hunt: The Live service, in my opinion, has always been easy to use and we get a lot of really positive feedback from customers. I’m confident that subscribers can easily use the new Live interface and have fun personalising their new avatars, create their friends lists etc.

GP: We’re heading now towards the very busy festive season – other than the aforementioned Gears of War 2, what do you think will be the huge titles for Kiwi gamers?

Hunt: Fable 2 will definitely be a blockbuster release but the new buzz on the street will be music titles! As a category it’s going off in other markets - I’m picking Lips, Rock Band and Guitar Hero World Tour to be big!

GP: We’ve seen that Rock Band 2 is an Xbox exclusive at launch, but what our readers want to know is when we’re going to get to play it. Can Microsoft help EA to get the product out to New Zealand any quicker?

Hunt: Kiwis definitely can’t wait for the Rock Band franchise to launch in NZ – all I can tell you is that we will have lots of great tracks on Xbox LIVE.