You know how video game adaptations of movies tend to be awful? It looks like video games are about to have their revenge.

Capcom announced at its E3 2008 press conference that it would be making a movie adaptation of Lost Planet. Why call a press conference for just that? Video games don’t normally transition into movies very well. Think: Doom, or Wing Commander. Good games don’t always make good movies.

This one is different, however. Avi Arad is producing the movie.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard his name. You’ve seen one of his many movies if you’ve seen Spider Man, Iron Man, or The Incredible Hulk.

David Hayter, aka the voice of Solid Snake and writer of the upcoming Watchmen movie, is writing the screen play. (Fanboy moment: I was sitting in front of him the whole time and I didn’t even know it!)

No official word on the director yet, but nevertheless this could mean that Capcom may be poised to accomplish the unthinkable: make a good video game to movie conversion.

The development team promises that the movie will stay true to the source material. Keaiji Inafune, producer of the game, commented that the game had the makings for a great movie: a devastated world with an energy crisis, a hero’s journey, a love story with intrigue, and giant fighting robots.

Video games aren’t the only thing that used to suffer from bad movie conversion syndrome. Comic book to movie adaptations used to be filled with heartbreak and spandex. Few comics, if any, successfully transitioned into the big screen at first. Remember the Spider Man movies before Tobey McGuire and CGI? How about a rubber-clad George Clooney as Batman driving a neon Batmobile?

It wasn’t until the team of Arad and Hayter created X-Men 1 and 2 that the general public and critics (including the hardest of them all: the hardcore fanboy) agreed that you could make a successful comic book to film remake.

Capcom is becoming increasingly active in the conversion of its video game assets to movies - there were hints that there are similar projects in the pipeline. Let’s hope that this team can prove that you can make a good game into a good movie.

The Lost Planet movie is being made in Japan in partnership with Warner Bros.