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Nothing lasts long in my machine without getting the clock speeds cranked up, so I’ve taken my overclocking vitamins and got my RivaTuner on…

Not too shabby - the 9600GT gives up an 11% increase on core speeds, a whopping 22% increase in memory speed, and a slightly less impressive 8% shader boost.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. A massive 22% jump in core speed, a 9% increase on an already high memory clock, and 20% more shader power to tip it over the 2GHz mark!

Impressive. 18% higher core speeds, 14% more on the memory front, and a cool 20% increase for the shader cores.

It seems nVidia has hit a sweet spot with their 65nm technology. I’ve been overclocking video cards for many years now, and to get these sorts of increases without any modifications to the cards is nothing short of spectacular.

Let’s see how these figures convert into performance but running them through 3DMark06 at high settings again:

Nice – an 11% higher score for the single 9600GT, a 12% boost for the 9800GTX, and 5% more points for the 9800GX2. Free performance is always welcome in my rig, and finding stable overclocks for these cards took no more than 10 or 15 minutes each.

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