GP: Fans of the C&C series will want to know about the new Global Conquest mode – has the implementation of this changed the gameplay beyond what seasoned C&C veterans will expect?

Glosecki: The Global Conquest Mode allows players to strategically manage their armies from the high, global level. It’s a great way to continue the single-player experience after you’ve gone through the campaign. The Global Conquest Mode is extremely replayable, as each faction has unique alternate victory conditions to strive for. We think it’s a great addition to Kane’s Wrath.

GP: What are the significant differences between the Xbox 360 version and the PC release?

Glosecki: The Xbox 360 version will be a standalone title, and will also include all the maps and patches from the basegame, the new radial interface, as well as a new exclusive feature called Kane’s Challenge. We are really excited to be able to give console consumers who may or may not own Command & Conquer 3 the chance to jump into the Tiberium saga. The PC version will require the basegame to play, which has been a distribution model we’ve used on all our PC games. We’re still determining downloadable options, and will let everyone know soon.

GP: We’ve read about the new “Prodigy” unit that specializes in mind control, and can teleport around the map to enlist new armies. This sounds remarkably powerful, how will a player be able to combat this unit?

Glosecki: The Prodigy is awesome, but as with everything, they do have weaknesses. The Prodigy is essentially defenceless against aircraft, so if you see an enemy Prodigy running around the map, build up some anti-infantry aircraft.

GP: How was it working with such famous actors for the live-action cut scenes?

Glosecki: Our cut scenes are part of the C&C DNA and they’re always a treat to work on. Kane’s Wrath features over 30 minutes of high definition footage and we shot the scenes in several sound stages around our Los Angeles studio.

It’s really a privilege to not only work with such great talent, but also to see the production team in action. We go through the same process as any video production, including story treatments, script development, casting, costuming, and more. It’s an awesome experience to see first-hand the merger between gaming and Hollywood and Natasha, Carl and of course Joe were all great to work with!

GP: With such a popular and highly visible title as Command & Conquer, there must be a constant struggle between keeping the fans happy and introducing controversial material. How do you juggle the “old school” players with the new?

Glosecki: We’ve tried to create an expansion that has something for everyone. If you’re into fast paced single-player missions and an epic story, the campaign will be perfect for you. The two decade, three chapter structure of the campaign provides a deep storyline with depth beyond that of expansion packs of the past. For C&C fans, we’ve added new subfactions, units, and all new game-changing Epic Units to their arsenal. If you like turn-based strategy and want to control a world empire, then Global Conquest is your mode. If you want to compete against the best of them, jump online and test your skills in multiplayer with nine different armies.

And while we do think players who play Kane’s Wrath should really pick up Tiberium Wars, it isn’t necessary. When creating the storyline for Kane’s Wrath, we wanted to make sure all gamers could jump right into the new fiction. Our opening cinematics focus on providing a backdrop and catching people up on the state of the Tiberium world.

We’re confident that both newcomers and veterans alike will be able to enjoy the storylines in Kane’s Wrath and that any type of gamer will be able to find a feature that they love in the game.

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