Gameplanet has a man-on-the-ground at EA's one-day developer conference in Singapore, and we'll be bringing you updates direct throughout the event on Friday.

* Warhammer Online - Jeff Hickman on RVR, Tomes, and laying siege to cities!

* Dead Space - yet another great title we get to see in action!

* Mirror's Edge - we see the game in play!

* Kane's Wrath - we catch up with Mike from EA who tells us more about the imminent release.

* EA launch party! Kiwis win dramatic Rock Band final!

* The useless tourist investigates - Singapore, crazy taxi drivers and feral animals - we'll take 'em all on!

* We interviewed Colin Robinson, producer for Crysis. He talks about marketing games, digital distribution, and gets all excited about Rock Band.

About the event
Developers and producers from many of EA's top labels and studios - DICE, Crytek, The Sims, BioWare, EA and EA Sports - will be at the event, doing interviews and presenting their title line-ups for 2008, and we'll be aiming to talk with as many of them as we can.

Games to be presented at the event include Mirror's Edge, Tiberium, Dead Space, Warhammer Online, Facebreaker, FIFA Online and NBA Street Online.

The event began with a 'launch party' early on Friday morning NZT, and the conference will run from 3:30pm NZT into the evening.

We'll be updating this page as stories come in, so stay tuned.