As the 2008 CES approaches the final day, peripherals manufacturer Nyko has announced a new line-up of accessories for the Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Sony PSP-2000 series (slim), including a new version of the popular Frontman Wireless Guitar Controller for the Wii and PS3, as well as all-new products such as the Wireless Nunchuck for the Wii, and the Charger Grip and TV-Link for the PSP-2000 series. They've even found time to extend their popular Zero Controller line to incorporate the PS3 - the new PS3 Zero controller can provide up to 25 hours of continuous play with the included removable, rechargeable battery, and has a range of around ten metres. The Zero Wireless Controller for the PS3 will be available in the first quarter of 2008.

Largest ever Plasma TV unveiled

Two years ago, Panasonic unveiled a 103-inch plasma TV that was, at the time, the largest available plasma TV. Sharp bested that record at the 2007 CES with a 108-inch device. This year, Panasonic have outdone themselves with a 150-inch example, dubbed "Life Screen". It boasts 2,000-by-4,000 pixel resolution and is 11 feet wide, or the size of nine 50-inch plasma TVs. Panasonic President Toshihiro Sakamoto did not announce any pricing information, though the 103-inch plasma retails for $70,000, and reports have put the 150-inch version in the $100,000 range.

The massive TV was "designed especially for digital cinema and commercial installations, but might also be found in some very luxurious special homes in the future," Sakamoto speculated. "Can you imaging sitting at home watching the Olympics on this baby?" he asked. Indeed.

Intel's latest Core 2 Duo architecture officially launches today

Intel has launched 5 new processor models, including 4 Intel Core 2 Duos with higher frequencies and an Extreme processor X9000 (2.8Ghz) processor for game enthusiasts. The new processors deliver new SSE4 instructions, up to 6MB L2 cache, and higher levels of energy efficiency with Deep Power Down technology. Consumers, according to Intel, will experience up to 70% higher performance when encoding high definition video, 30% faster performance for apps like Adobe's Photoshop CS3, and better battery life.

Turn your PSP into a personal GPS navigation system with Go!Explore

Sony have announced that in early Autumn 2008, PSP owners need never get lost again – thanks to a new addition to the Go! range called Go!Explore which puts 3D city mapping in users’ hands by turning PSP into a state-of-the-art Personal GPS Navigation System system. Just enter your destination and Go!Explore will do the rest for you.

The Go!Explore setup consists of an attachable GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and a UMD disc of the user’s chosen maps. At the touch of a button, users will be able to find their position on a map and work out the direction they need to take. Go!Explore works both on foot and in the car and – as most of the hardware is in the PSP attachment – it offers a top-notch Personal GPS Navigation System system at a fraction of the cost of other systems on the market.

The bad news? It's Europe-only for the meantime sorry!