Pain is much more than a game, it is a creative, user-driven comedic experience that presents players with the unique opportunity to control and capture the irreverent style of humour found in slapstick movies and online video clips. The game boldly tackles a rarely explored area of video-gaming: comedy. Many games and products have allowed players to experience scripted, comedic scenes, but none have successfully allowed the end-user to actually be the architect of these situations… until now.

One thing is certain; gamers have never seen anything quite like Pain…

The core, unique mechanic of the game allows the player to load a character into an extreme launching device, such as a human-sized, ultra-powerful slingshot, and fire the character into an active, physics-controlled environment, filled with precarious, humorous and sometime suggestive situations. The player receives points by stringing together painful collisions and inducing chaos in the environment. The player must achieve a wide variety of goals and / or reach various scoring milestones in each of the different single player and multiplayer modes of play. As challenging as it is funny, Pain includes online leaderboards so players can compete against the masses.

Available exclusively via download on the PlayStation Network for the PS3, Pain will include an engrossing online community element that allows gamers to give feedback on their game experience to the development team, ultimately opening a dialogue for fresh and culturally relevant future Pain content.

Game modes available at launch:

Single Player Modes

    * Paindemonium – This is your Pain sandbox. Practice, laugh, explore, learn the ropes.
    * Mime Toss – Fly through the air and toss French Mimes through glass. Do it in record time for trophies.
    * Spank The Monkey – Monkeys are taking over the city; target and launch at them

Multiplayer Modes

    * Horse – The elaborate launches players perfect in Paindemonium are worth points here. Go head-to-head with friends and see if they can make all the same elaborate launches.
    * Bowling – Fun for 1-4 players head-to-head. This isn’t normal bowling, of course, Pain bowling includes 10 Pins (or mimes) + Explosives + Cereal + Anvils and a lot more.
    * Fun With Explosives – Perhaps Pain’s most challenging mode, Fun with Explosives demands skills and strategy, and delivers big on laughs.

Key features:

    * Multiple playable characters each with a very unique personality and attributes as well as character specific in-flight poses.
    * Various modes to play – Single player modes include Spank the Monkey and Mime Toss. With multiplayer modes like Horse and Bowling, all with online leaderboards, Pain provides both the challenges and the replayability gamers are searching for.
    * Completely Interactive Gameplay Environment – regardless of what the player does within the Pain theme, the overall environment remains completely dynamic and fully destructible, allowing the player to find new and limitless ways to create chaos, comedy or simply wait to see what happens next.
    * Each time a player launches into the PAINful environment, the physics and animation data is stored on PS3’s HDD allowing the player to view a replay instantly.
    * With control over various camera angles and the replay speed – slow motion and fast forward – users can view each bruising launch for maximum comedy.
    * A unique physics model created on Havok powered events allows for amazing ragdoll animations while insuring that duplicating incidents is almost impossible. This keeps gameplay fresh no matter how many times a player is launched into the same environment.
    * Players are introduced to Pain through a PAINless and interactive tutorial that teaches the player helpful skills to maximise the scores, chaos and fun in Pain.
    * Available exclusively via PlayStation Network, Pain will have a robust online community feature set that will include a Pain blog ( for ongoing dialogue with the development team, leaderboards and more.
    * With Pain’s modular backbone, the game is made to expand. More characters, more themes, more gameplay modes and most importantly more PAINful fun