The team that bought you Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter are now set to soon release Uncharted: Drake's Fortune to PS3. An exclusive to PS3, Drake's Fortune is a story of a modern day Indiana Jones who ventures deep into the unknown in search of treasure.

It all starts out with a with a 400 year old clue, which sees Nathan Drake embark on the hunt for the treasure of El Dorado. However he is not the only one on the hunt and finds himself going up against mercenaries who will do anything to get to the treasure first. So the race is on across the island to unlock its secrets and claim its treasures.

Outnumber a hundred to one from the get go, Drake must tread carefully as mercenaries are scattered across the island. Skillfully navigate your way through the approaching mercenaries, taking them out along the way be it hand to hand combat or picking up an AK47 and unloading a full magazine on them.

From what we have seen so far Uncharted: Drake's Fortune looks like a great game and deserves the “much anticipated” hype it has been getting. However its release date has been set for mid December, so till then check out some of the features and screens that have come our way.

Key Features:

    * Embark on Sir Francis Drakes’ last great adventure, in search for the fabled treasure of El Dorado.
    * Using maps and ancient artefacts, uncover clues and unravel mysteries to find a forgotten island and a treasure that was thought to have never existed.
    * Discover a world alive with intrigue and mystery. Explore exotic locations. Traverse through living jungles and spectacular 400-year-old ruins.
    * Drake’s companions and allies play an important role in the adventure through cooperative mechanics, gunplay and exploration.
    * In every situation you’re taken to the edge of your ability, trying to stay alive by the skin of your teeth. Use whatever means necessary.
    * Experience daring high-speed chases over land and water.
    * Run and take-cover from a hail of gunfire. Rely on a full assortment of guns you find or acquire along the way.
    * Use an array of hand-to-hand fighting moves to put your enemy off balance. Anything from wild haymaker punches to running drop-kicks.