The Buzz Junior series is set to increase its current tally with the soon to be released Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble. Having already seen much success with Jungle Party and RoboJam, Monster Rumble looks set to bring more crazy gaming that, like it predecessors, is enjoyed by young and old.

Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble sees you play as one of four troublemaking monsters who roam a Monster Mansion causing chaos throughout. In all the chaos one will come out on top after a series of games and have the bragging rights - until of course, the rematch.

Buzz! Junior: Monster Rumble is not set to be released until November, but closer to the time we will give you an update. For now though, check out some of the initial screens shots and features.

Key Features:

    * Have a beastly good time with 25 rib-tickling games
    * Have fiendish fun creating your own monster
    * Under 4 players? Take on computer-controlled monsters