The host you love most is back in an all new and exciting game show that will test your knowledge of Hollywood. That’s right, Buzz is back for yet another round of quick fire questions that will sort the A list from the D list, in Buzz The Hollywood Quiz.

The Hollywood quiz is basically the same as what you have seen in the past, however just with whole new lot of questions to work through. Questions, as you probably already guessed, are based around Hollywood and the stars of it, the movies, images and more. Some questions even delve into the lifestyles of the stars, so you might now need to read those gossip magazines rather than looking at who is wearing what!!

Buzz Hollywood is sure to another great instalment of this popular series, so get your buzzers ready for release. For now though check out some of the key features and the latest screen shots of this game show favourite!

Key features:

    * All new round types (Walk of Fame, Fact or Fiction, Rollover...)
    * All new 'Oscars' Buzz! Set
    * New contestants - movie star caricatures
    * Questions on 120+ movie clips
    * Stills, celeb images, sound clips, quotes, Hollywood trivia...

* Focus on recent Hollywood movies, with some all-time classics