The Leipziger Messe has named this year's winners of Best of Games Convention. The awards were made for the following:

In the PC category: Crysis (Electronic Arts)

Jury: "Developed in Germany, Crysis is an exciting, futuristic battle against alien invaders. The CryEngine 2 sets a new technological standard, with breathtaking special effects. Intelligent opponents represent a challenge to even the most experienced gamers."

In the Xbox category: BioShock (Take 2 Interactive)

Jury: "Underwater survival in a sunken Art Deco city, countering crazy inhabitants, and constantly faced with the dilemma of what is right and what is wrong: BioShock is the most intelligent, most bizarre shooter for years."

In the PSP category: God of War: Chains of Olympus (Sony Computer Entertainment)

Jury: "God of War elevates the action genre to an art form, including on the PlayStation Portable: where other titles descend into brutish slaughter, God of War lends the battlefield a sombre beauty."

In the PS2 category: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Konami Digital Entertainment)

Jury: "Once again, PES 2008 sets new standards as far as game play is concerned: the long-distance shots crackle, the one-on-ones are even more intensive and the opponents adapt to the style of play."

In the PS3 category: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (Konami Digital Entertainment)

Jury: "Football is coming home: the best current football game celebrates its PS3 premiere with diving, wall building and complete online support - including leagues and rankings."

In the Wii category: Mario & Sonic bei den Olympischen Spielen (Sega Germany)

Jury: "We finally discover who can run faster and jump higher. The game unites the former archrivals from Sega and Nintendo, renewing the old feud in the form of a sporting contest. Mario and Sonic manage to translate Olympic disciplines into easily mastered, entertaining games fun."

In the NDS category: Eye Training (Nintendo)

Jury: "Open your eyes and train like a top sportsman! Eye Training trains hand-eye co-ordination, reflexes, visual acuity - and is great fun as well. A non-prescription DS game to be taken daily."

In the Online category: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures (Eidos)

Jury: "Finally, an online role-play game for adults. Set in the world of the Barbarians, the adventure combines offline and online game experiences for the first time. Age of Conan could present a challenge to World of Warcraft."

In the Best Hardware Accessory Product category: Wii Balance Board (Nintendo)

Jury: "Press-ups, headers and aerobics: Nintendo manages to combine video games with physical fitness and bring them closer to a new audience. Having already converted the remote control into a controller, the manufacturer now turns scales into a games accessory."

In the category Mobile:
No prize was awarded in this category due to a lack of participants.

The title of Best of GC is awarded each year for the most outstanding product performances of the computer and video game sector. GC exhibitors were able to submit their nominations for the categories of Hardware Accessories and Best Game PC, Xbox 360, PSP, PS2, PS3, Wii, NDS, Mobile and Online by 01 August 2007. Participation was open to all companies exhibiting playable products at the GC, the launch of which was not planned before the beginning of the convention.