Jaster Rogue is about to embark on a journey through the galaxy in search for an adventure like no other. Along the way he encounters many people, and after a series of events and some confusion, he joins the Dorenark pirates. Together they go in search of the treasures of the galaxy and it is here that Jaster’s adventure truly begins in Rogue Galaxy.

Set for release in September on PS2, it seems, based on initial shots, a lot of effort has gone into the layout of Rogue Galaxy with its utilisation of 3D gameplay and detailed environments. Looks aren’t everything, but this is our first look so check out the info we have so far and keep an eye out for an update closer to the time of release. You never know, it might just be as good as it looks.

Key Features:

Epic 3D Gameplay: More than 100 hours of gameplay and five massive worlds to explore, each with highly detailed environments and unique, cel-shaded graphics.
Multiple Playable Characters: Eight playable characters, with up to three controllable on-screen at the same time.
True action-RPG: Real-time combat system provides the opportunity to customise attacks and switch between characters during battle.
Build Special Weapons and Items: Combine different weapons to create more than 500 new weapons. Players can also manufacture specialised items by locating 'schematics' throughout the galaxy.
Mini-Games and Side Quests: In addition to solving the mysteries of the epic story, Rogue Galaxy features a number of mini-games and extra missions.
High Quality Movies: More than eight hours of cinematic sequences help to drive the action-packed storyline, and numerous plot twists will keep players guessing right to the very end.[/list]