All the environments benefit from new features, design elements and general improvements. The newest environment, ‘Stadium’, benefits from a total makeover with an improved lighting system, new design blocks and environmental effects. All blocks in every environment have been created with the objective of fully recreating a unique, enjoyable and realistic racing experience.


In arenas made for competition, Stadium offers a wide choice of circuits, from the fastest to the most technical. A combination of F1 car and buggy, this course's vehicle is designed to have the competitive edge. With excellent grip, this racing car is easy to learn to drive, but requires real dexterity to pull out its best performances. As well as requiring optimal roads, this vehicle needs precise speed control to record the best time. The environment offers, much like Superbike for motorbikes, the perfect mix between asphalt tracks and skidding dirt paths.


For extreme speed fans, the Island environment and its distinguished racing car will have you glued to your screen. With mind-blowing speed, the Island vehicle gives hair-trigger handling whether you prefer skidding and controlled slides at hundreds of miles per hour, or unadulterated driving, hammering it out on unforgiving roads. The wide variety of Editor blocks available allow the creation of radically different circuits, while the settings, giant jumps and the overall look and feel make for an exotic trip at scandalous speeds.


The flat sandy stretches, punctuated by canyons and rocky mounds offer a game terrain perfect for ultra-fast circuits with loops, hairpin turns, dizzying drops and impressive jumps. The American has good acceleration and high performance brakes. Full speed turns, enormous jumps and strong breaking are where it excels. But be careful, its suspension reacts to the smallest bumps and overly sharp turns. Don’t go off course!


Bounce from roof to roof of the many buildings in Bay at the wheel of a 'Grand Class' 4x4. The driving is fast, flexible and very peppy with a fantastic stunt spirit supported by an incredibly dynamic suspension. In this 100% urban, ultra-detailed environment, Bay lets you play with the elements of the city: from the docks to the rooftops, the street feel is de rigueur, with loops, blocks straight from skate parks, and other 'made in Nadeo' urban craziness.


With an overall nature feel, the Rally environment is full of dirt tracks and medieval roads and walls, where ultra long or radically short curves come one after the other. With tight passages and river crossings the winding, hilly roads are tree-lined or bordered by vast prairies and rarely forgive driving errors. Combining lightning acceleration and impressive maximum speeds, the Turbo2 has a power that must be mastered, especially on the slippery circuits of the rally environment.


In a truly Mediterranean setting, Coast offers simulation oriented driving. With straight and winding roads, cliffs, jumps and sign-posted portions of its circuits, Coast centres on precision and controlled speeds. In this environment the high-strung Roadster requires meticulous driving with expert doses of accelerating/braking and pure "outside/inside/outside" driving. Times will be tight!


It’s well known that opposites attract and the Snow environment naturally blends snow and ice covered roads with super-traction portions of the track. The changes in grip make for a full speed 90° twist right before a bobsleigh turn, putting the nerves of even the best of drivers to the test. Slow by nature, the Pickup only needs to increase speed on the descents (or courtesy of boosts) for you to experience extreme sensations. Its wide tires offer arcade-style traction, and if you are well positioned on the track, will let you take any turn at full speed. But you’ll have to keep to a maximum speed if you don’t want to end up pushing your car over the finishing line.