Featuring advanced technology and characters both familiar and new,Jak II:Renegade, is a true plot-driven adventure game, where every mission has a direct effect on the storyline. With stunning graphics and animations, Jak II:Renegade, takes gamers on a journey through an enormous mystical world, darker than they have experienced before, as an immersive tale unfolds.

"We are ecstatic to continue the engaging and compelling saga of Jak and Daxter this Autumn," said Jason Rubin, co-founder, Naughty Dog Inc. "Jak II:Renegade, will push the PlayStation®2 to new levels, adding visual impact and detail to both the environments and the characters. With the addition of multiple weapons that can be employed at any time, and numerous power-ups available to the player in every game location, Jak II:Renegade, provides far more freedom and immersion than gamers have experienced before."

"Jak II:Renegade will deliver a whole new cinematic gaming experience to players," adds Andy Gavin, co-founder of Naughty Dog, Inc. "Intriguing adventures, perilous exploration, shocking discoveries and over one hour of gorgeous cinematic animations, help drive the story along through twists and turns until the final climax."

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe introduced Naughty Dog's first smash hit on PlayStation®, Crash Bandicoot, to the world in 1996 and since then, the series has sold more than 20 million units collectively, breaking many sales records worldwide. The team's first venture on the PlayStation®2, Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, was released during the holiday season in 2001 and was met with much praise and excitement from both industry onlookers and consumers across the world.