Team Star Fox is back for their most intense combat yet, as they engage a new threat by air and by land! A few years after disaster was barely averted on Dinosaur Planet, Lylat Central Command gets wind of a new threat spreading throughout the solar system. The Star Fox team is sent in to engage this new enemy but what begins as a standard combat mission quickly takes a drastic turn. Classic team members, Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare and Falco Lombardi, join forces with some new faces to create the most formidable team in the history of this celebrated series: the Star Fox armada!


* Switch between flying an Arwing, driving a Landmaster Tank or engaging the enemy on foot as you battle through areas swarming with enemies.

* Participate in co-op missions, which are played using split-screen with each player commanding his own vehicle, or play with a "wingman," as one player rides on the wing of the Arwing (or side panel of the Landmaster Tank) and blasts enemies while the pilot drives.

* Play through missions solo or plug in with up to three other players.