There are 8 beautiful and busty young women, running around a tropical island in their bikinis. Before you rush off and buy this game, you would do well to find out a little about each of the ladies in question - to save you embarassing yourself when you first meet them!

Tina Armstrong

At just 23 years of age, Tina already has an impressive career. Her 3rd placing in the Dead or Alive tournament is almost as impressive as her measurements, at 37-24-35. Weighing in at a dainty 56Kg, this surprising package packs a mean punch. Her favorite food is seafood and she enjoys cycling and the colour sapphire blue - keep this in mind when her birthday rolls around on the 6th of December.


Kasumi is Japanese, with red hair (we are guessing it's not natural). She is 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighs only 48Kg - good things really do come in small packages! Not everything with Kasumi is small, as her measurements (35-21-33) and apetite (she loves strawberry deserts) will attest to. Her birthday is coming up real soon - it's on the 23rd of February.


Lisa is a tall (5'9") 21 year old from America. Weighing in at only 55Kg, Lisa is lean mean volleyball playing machine. She enjoys surfing and cherry pie, and her measurements are 36-22-34. Her birthday is on the 20th of July, at which time she will be turning yes, 22.

Lei Fang

Lei Fang is just nineteen years of age and already a veteran of the extreme fighting event Dead or Alive, placing 3rd in the second event. Weighing in at a slender 50 kilograms, this chinese bombshell is fond of tofu, aromatherapy and the colour yellow. Her birthday is the 23rd of April and she measures up at 34-22-34.

Stay tuned for the second part of our look at the girls of DOAXBV, when we check out Helena, Christie, Ayane and Hitomi.