We were recently excited to learn that a expansion pack was being planned for one of the top rated FPS games this year. Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome will take the often neglected Italian campaign of the war. Featured battles will include Operation Husky, Anzio and the Battle of Cassino (no word yet on whether the Kiwis will feature in this one but the inclusion of British weapons makes us hopeful).

Controllable vehicles are the heart of the Battlefield 1942 experience and The Road To Rome will feature eight new vehicles in addition to the more than 30 in the original title. These include the German BF-110 and British Mosquito twin-engine fighter-bombers. Also debuting are Italian and new British and German tanks and anti-tank guns. New hand-held weapons include the Italian Breda assault rifle, British Sten SMG and bayonets on rifles.

Road to Rome is expected to release in late January 2003, and EA have just released these screenshots.