The multiplayer-focused expansion pack Battlefield 1942:The Road to Rome gives you more maps, more vehicles, more weapons and more fighting forces. The Road to Rome will focus exclusively on the largely underpublicized Italian and Sicilian campaigns of WWII, where you can fight on up to six new maps including Operation Husky (Sicily) and the battles for Anzio and Monte Cassino.

Controllable vehicles are the heart of the Battlefield 1942 experience and The Road To Rome will feature eight new vehicles in addition to the more than 30 in the original title. These include the German BF-110 and British Mosquito twin-engine fighter-bombers. Also debuting are an Italian torpedo boat as well as British and German tanks and anti-tank guns.

Staying true to the Battlefield 1942 massive multiplayer legacy, The Road To Rome will support up to 64 players (on select maps) and give them the ability to fully experience World War II combat. Playing as several infantry classes, gamers can control many weapons available to the Axis and Allies and command numerous land vehicles, ships and aircraft.

The game uses a proprietary engine named the Refractor 2, the most robust 3D rendering engine available and fully fleshes out the action.

Though multiplayer experience will be the focus of The Road To Rome, there will be a mode of unique single player action. These levels feature improved artificial intelligence with no scripting, meaning players will get a completely different experience each time.


    * Six new maps from the Sicilian and Italian campaigns including Operation Husky (Sicily), and the battles for Anzio and Monte Cassino.
    * Eight new vehicles including the German BF-110 and British Mosquito fighter bombers.
    * Two new fighting forces including the French legionnaires and Italian forces.
    * Three new hand-held weapons including a rifle grenade launcher, the British Sten SMG and bayonets.
    * Proprietary Refractor 2 engine raises bar for graphics and 3D rendering.
    * Huge multiplayer component supporting up to 64 players that requires teamwork and cooperation from each member in order to achieve victory for the Axis or Allies.
    * Unique single player mode features no scripting, meaning the player gets different experience each time they play.