Yes, as part of our ongoing quest to bring you news on groundbreaking games we present for your amazement …(drum roll please) ….. "They Came from Hollywood". This game will place you in the role of some of those infamous B Grade movie monsters such as the Giant Cuttle Fish, the Atomic Newt, and others like the Tin Behemoth. This RTS promises to break new ground (well buildings and cities actually) with a list of features that if nothing are honest: -

    * Play as one of ten unique giant monster
    * Customise your monster
    * Destroy six great U.S. cities
    * Cities are a totally destructible environment
    * Take on worthless humans in four different time periods
    * Utterly ridiculous back story

[i]"Okay, we are kidding about the back story. There's no back story. There's no front story, either. We may have wedged a little story in there sideways somewhere, but you're not gonna be able to get it out unless you have one of those really small metric screwdrivers…"

This game shows beyond doubt that there are still developers in the industry that have not lost that sense of innovation and having game concept sessions involving lots of alcohol.

Check out their web site :

The screenshots tell it all.