We've looked at the Greek Gods and sized up the Norse pantheon. Now it's time to take a look at the three primary Egyptian Gods who you'll choose from in Age of Mythology.

As the wife of Osiris, Isis is a protective mother figure. She grants her followers numerous bonuses to allow them to grow and prosper much faster than ordinary. They can produce more food as well as the other resources needed to enlarge your forces.

God Power: Isis can increase the rate at which Egyptian villagers gather gold for your coffers.

One of the bad boys of the Egyptian god lineup. Set is the God of Chaos and the murderer of Osiris (who appears as one of the Mythic Age gods). Unsurprisingly those who choose Set to worship will find that the Gods that appear later in the game will be more oriented towards war and death.

God Power: Set can reveal a large unexplored area of the map using his Vision power.

As the God of the sun Ra had the rather unfortunate duty of being swallowed each night by the goddess of the sky and reborn the next morning. Ra's powers extend to strengthening the buildings of your settlements and making your priests and pharaohs more powerful.

God Power: Ra can initiate his Rain power to make villagers gather food faster than normal.

Age of Mythology is due to hit stores early November so you better start preparing for some extremely serious RTS action. Ensemble Studios haven't dropped the ball yet with any of their titles and judging by what we've seen Age of Mythology is going to be extremely impressive. Check out the official site for more screens and info.