The EA SPORTS BIG brand has developed a reputation over the last year and a half for delivering excellent quickfire pick up and play action. Games on the label include SSX, Sled Storm and the recently released Freekstyle, and all of them provide gamers with that quick fix that is often needed. The latest game in the series, Shox, looks set to continue the trend, and in this first up look we check out the key features that will make Shox a sure fire hit for adrenaline junkies when it's released this October.

24 licensed high voltage vehicles

The game will let players slide into one of 24 licensed high voltage vehicles, including cars licensed from famous makes like Audi, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Lancia, Ford, and Citroen. You can also unlock new cars through winning races or risking one of your own cars in a winner takes all one off race.

Three uniquely themed enviroments

The game will feature three themed environments to race on including Arctic Tundra, Arid Desert, and Asian Jungle. Each of the three worlds is divided into seven tracks built from multiple overlapping sections, so there's always new circuits to master. Players will be sliding through dusty roads, slipping on ice, and shredding through foliage.

Shox Zones

Within each circuit, particularly critical stretches place players into "Shox Zones". Time seems to stop as cars catch air and all sounds come to a standstill in one-eye-closed anticipation of the outcome: hitting the earth in high-speed glory or ending in an ugly multi-car pileup. The Shox Zones are scored individually, with Bronze, Silver, and Gold placements earning bonus points to the final tallies.

Gambling mode

In the Gambling mode, players can wager with opponents in a high stakes duel to win their car. Players can put their own cars up as collateral, to create the ultimate off road vehicle collection! In a split-screen multi-player mayhem mode, prove that friends are the best enemies, as up to 4 players can compete for top rankings.

Loads of extras

Win and lose points based on speed, cornering, air, collisions, and race wins. Use these points to unlock new game elements in a never-ending quest for the perfect offroad car collection, new tracks, and new challenges.

We'll have a more in-depth preview of Shox closer to release.