Boba Fett is cool, right? Armies of sweaty fanboys can't be wrong can they? Well not when it comes to Star Wars it seems. Fans of the series have long called for the most feared bounty hunter in the universe to get his own starring role and now their call has finally been heeded. Sort of. Star Wars: Bounty Hunter tells the story of Jango Fett's pursuit of a crazed Sith Lord with plenty of bounty hunting antics along the way. It's coming to PlayStation 2 and Gamecube and should make the aforementioned sweaty fanboys rather excited.

Bounty Hunter is a third person action adventure game with a definite emphasis on action. There's no slow paced Tomb Raider style dungeon exploring going on here. It seems Jango has plenty of enemies and they are the "shoot first, ask questions later" type. This doesn't seem to trouble him too much as Jango is a fit sort of a fellow equipped with a large arsenal and some very handy skills. The demo allowed you to experience a bit of manhunting and it was extremely cool to see Jango make use of his very cool 'akimbo' gun style and jet-pack. Top marks. Bounty Hunter's control system is pretty intuitive which is great considering some of the complex moves Jango is pulling off on-screen. Navigating with the jetpack while taking out the scum of the universe wasn't too much of a chore at all.

The in-game environments seem to be shaping up nicely. Of course being able to draw on the rich Star Wars universe must help your level design woes a great deal. The portions of the game we played all seemed to take place in the seedier parts of Corsuscant that were recently brought to life in Episode 2. Plenty of other locations should be appearing though as LucasArts are promising that six different worlds will appear in the game.

The game was playable on both the PlayStation 2 and Gamecube at E3 and each respective version seems to be shaping up rather well. Graphical differences are pretty minimal, the Gamecube version looks slightly smoother and 'cleaner' but didn't appear to run as fast as the PS2 version. Given that there is plenty of development time left we should see improvements in both versions.

[indent]Inspired by events between Star Wars: Episode I and II, Star Wars Bounty Hunter presents an original, compelling third-person action game experience which establishes Jango Fett's place in the Star Wars galaxy, and his connection to the notorious clone army.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter draws players into Jango Fett's sinister and seedy world, where thieves, assassins – and worse – thrive. Using his cunning and a host of deadly skills, Jango Fett ventures into the rarely explored dark side of the Star Wars universe to track down the elusive leader of a mysterious and deadly cult. All the while, he'll compete against a brutal rival from his past in a quest to capture the ultimate bounty, dead or alive.


LucasArts don't seem to be rushing any of their Episode 2 based games to the market which is very reassuring considering the somewhat sub-par quality of the Episode 1 tie-ins. There was just too little of Bounty Hunter on show at E3 to pass any firm judgement but there seems to be plenty of potential. Given it's action stylings and acrobatic control system it's unlikely to translate well to PC. If you don't have a Gamecube or PlayStation 2 and want to control the coolest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy (well, his dad really) you're probably going to have to splash out on a console. Rumours of the "Hunt, capture, and torture Jar-Jar Binks" mini-game remain unconfirmed.