If you looked at PC sales charts from the last few years you would be hard pressed to find a month where a 'The Sims' game has not featured in the top ten. The series has been a phenomenal success and Electronic Arts obviously want to keep the momentum going. The Sims Unleashed has a host of new features. Check out the details below.

Visit a pet store and bring home a variety of creatures and accoutrements. Players will make a big splash with the addition of a lumbering Labrador or fickle feline to their Sim family. They can also buy a parrot, turtle, lizard or fish that are fun for the whole family but don’t need to be house trained.

Bigger Neighbourhoods and Social Interactions
Thirty all-new residential and community lots featuring new homes, lush parks, a hip new café, cool shops and a farmer’s market are available for Sims to explore. Now the Sims can walk their pooch in the park or bring their cat to a café and build their relationships with their neighbors through their adorable animals.

New Characters
Your Sims can teach Fido where to go themselves or hire an efficient Pet Trainer to do all of the dirty work. Sims can also enter their kitties and canines in the local Pet show. The competition is “dog eat dog,” as Sim pets try to impress the Pet Judges for prizes in obedience, tricks and good pet mood.

Five New Careers
Send your Sims down five new career tracks with 50 new jobs. Enter the world of fashion, become a world famous chef, take care of the neighborhood’s pets as a veterinarian, teach others as an educator or run away and join the circus.

Sims can now grow a variety of vegetables in their own garden plots using seeds purchased at the local garden store. Proper care of the garden will yield a crop that can be picked and stored in the new pantry. Hard-working families can now live off the land, or make a living by selling their homegrown vegetables at the market. Use your pets to help chase off the rabbits and gophers.

125 New Objects
Redecorate your Sims’ home for the new pet’s arrival. The Sims Unleashed contains dozens of new objects for pets and people plus an all-new decorator set with a New Orleans French Quarter theme.

The Sims Unleashed will no doubt make Sims fans happy with its lineup of new features. At the very least it will tide them over till The Sims Online is launched and they can say goodbye to any hope of a real life. Unleashed is due to be released in September this year.