Ever been tempted to try your hand at a bit of home-made genetic engineering? Sure you have. Never mind what those spoil sports in the Green Party say, crossing a shark and an armadillo can only lead to a positive outcome in our opinion. Relic Entertainment(creators of the smash hit Homeworld) intend to give you the opportunity to create your own mad menagerie when they release their very cool looking RTS title Impossible Creatures.

We spent a bit of time playing Impossible Creatures at E3 as well as talking to Relic CEO Alex Garden. It has been in development for quite some time now and the extra polish is certainly visible. If you aren't familiar with the concept of Impossible Creatures we'll give you a quick run down from the Relic press release.

"Impossible Creatures will turn the real-time strategy genre 'on its ear' by allowing players to combine more then 50 real-world animals to create a nearly limitless number of mutant creatures. Want a stealthy ranged unit? Combine a chameleon with an electric eel! Want a powerhouse unit that can burrow underground and pop up unexpectedly in the middle of an ambush? Combine a rhino with a lemming! Have you ever seen an elephant fly? You will! Players can then use these, and thousands of other potential creations, to customize armies and strategies, guaranteeing that no two games of Impossible Creatures will ever be the same."

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