We received the following update from Codemasters regarding the newly announced multiplayer features for their upcoming FPS title IGI 2:Covert Strike.

"The subject of the all-new multiplayer game mode has kept the forum buzzing. The game’s designers have listened closely to the opinions on the forum and today Codemasters confirm key elements of the game’s multiplayer structure.

IGI2: Covert Strike will deliver a full team-oriented multiplayer mode, with squads of up to eight players on both sides. Gameplay pits IGI operatives against terrorist groups from around the globe. The varied multi-objective based gameplay will include hacking data satellites to launching space shuttles, bombing oil refineries and escorting convoys. Reconnaissance elements provide for a new style of FPS multiplayer gaming, blending stealth and surveillance with action and gunplay.

The game will contain a series of multiplayer maps utilising an advanced version of Innerloop's proprietary engine, which delivers excellent indoor locations and expansive outdoor environments.

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