Yesterday Microsoft presented their plans and schemes for the future to international and US based media. Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe had their turn. The SCEE presentation followed on from the Sony Computer Entertainment America presentation this morning. It started off with the SCEE head 'honchos' outlining business plans, commercial information, and online features. After that, the presentation finished up with the opportunity to sample some of the big upcoming PlayStation 2 and PS One titles.

After a very stylish movie intro showing off upcoming PS2 titles the first speaker came on. This was David Reeves (Senior Vice-President, Marketing) and his spiel was very business oriented. Most of you won't be interested in... tie rates, units sold through and forecasts for 2003. I'll summarise the parts of his speech that caught my attention.

    * There is an installed (not shipped) base of approximately 7.2 Million PS2's.
    * Approximately 70,000 PS2's are sold per week. This is twice the rate of the new PS One.
    * The top 3 games in terms of units produced are:
    1. Gran Turismo 3
    2. Grand Theft Auto3
    3. Metal Gear Solid 2
    Just as a side note it's worth pointing out that Final Fantasy X is already in 7th place due to pre-order numbers.
    * They expect to double the installed base of PS2 by March next year.
    * The 'coloured' PS2s will be available in PAL territories later this year.

Next up was Phil Harrison (Senior Vice-President, Development) with a fairly simple presentation. He spoke briefly on how he expects the 'video game' market to change drastically with the advent of online gaming going mainstream. After that he went on to thank and highlight the efforts of third and first party developers who have worked with Sony. Amongst the big names mentioned were Martin Kenright (World Rally Championship), Peter Edwards (Dropshop) and Brendan McNamara (The Getaway).

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