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Each map is based on one of four scenarios: Hostage Rescue, Bomb/Defuse, Assassination and Escape.

    * Hostage Rescue -- this requires the Counter-Terrorists to infiltrate, locate and rescue the computer-controlled hostages and return them to the start point.
    * Bomb/Defuse -- the Terrorists must get to one of the designated bomb sites, arm the bomb and guard it until it explodes without allowing the Counter-Terrorists to interrupt the countdown sequence.
    * Assassination -- the CT's must escort a vulnerable VIP (which is a previously chosen player from the Counter-Terrorist side), armed with nothing but a pistol. He must get to the rescue location without being assassinated by the Terrorists.
    * Escape -- here the Terrorists start with no guns or money and must either move quickly to reach the escape location, or risk obtaining a gun from a well-protected armoury before the Counter-Terrorists intercept them (this scenario was removed in beta 7).

The two most popular scenarios are Hostage Rescue and Bomb/Defuse. It is in these scenarios that you encounter your opponents most when trying to accomplish your objectives. The other scenarios require you to avoid conflict and move with stealthy precision to complete the mission objectives. The maps themselves follow their own little themes that add to the atmosphere, ranging from an oilrig, a warehouses, a forests, highrise buildings, canyon hideouts, and even locations like Alaska, Las Vegas and Italy.

The selection of guns in Counter-Strike is comparably vast by today's standards, with many of the guns even having a second firing mode. Your first experience with the equipment buying system will be a memorable one. You may feel overwhelmed with the world's destructive power and the choice of mayhem that you wish to unleash. There are a whopping 19 guns to choose from, including pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns, not to mention other weaponry such as knifes and grenades, and equipment like defuse kits, nightvision goggles and Kevlar vests! Each gun has its own characteristics, and handles in a way of its own. For instance, assault rifles generally have severe recoil when used on full-automatic, and sniper rifles like the Arctic Warfare Magnum lose accuracy unless you remain still when firing. You will need to come to terms with the consequences of firing when running, peripheral vision loss when using the scopes, and ammo depletion throughout a round. Ultimately, you need to find the gun which suits you best.

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