Context: Blizzard, one of the most popular hardcore gaming companies in the western world (StarCraft, WarCraft, Diablo, etc) announced that they're bringing one of their biggest franchises, Diablo to a new platform - mobile - with the assistance of a dedicated mobile development team that's external to the company.

Almost universally, the internet is kicking off - on Reddit, YouTube, social media, the Blizzard forums, etc - people hate it. The vitriol that's getting up-dooted at each of these places - at a phenomenal pace, I might add - is extreme and negative and gross.

The assumption seems to be that, as it's on mobile, it will be terrible and a money grab and literally kill your unborn children (ok maybe they haven't got so far as that last one, but it seems to be inline with the current trajectory).

What happened to actually trying a thing before making decisions about it? I seem to remember (maybe I have rose tinted glasses on) that this very community used to get grumpy with whacko religious groups when they hated on films / books / whatever because they didn't adhere to their world view, even though they hadn't seen / read / consumed them.

Why is it "we" (the vast majority of the gaming community seems to be onboard with this hate train, and I very much self-categorize as a gamer) are leaping on the hate train for a thing we’ve never tried? A thing that’s being curated, if not developed, by a team that has the most winningist history in the history of winning at game creation, no less?

Everything I’ve seen from the game looks like fun and Diablo and Blizzard; the game itself (video only - like you, I haven’t played it) gives off strong vibes of the type you’d expect from the franchise and I can see nothing at all that suggests you’ll be micro-transacting health globes or paying to win legendaries.

Is it a straight-up format war, a-la PlayStation vs. Xbox or Super Nintendo vs. Mega Drive, fueled by the insta-hate only the internet can flame? Is it simply that people don’t know that mobile platforms, along with the massive proportion of cynical garbage, is actually a place where “proper” gamers can find some of the most innovative and “real” gaming experiences on the market?

I don’t claim to know why this is happening, but I am disgusted by it. The idea that, as a community, we can collectively stand up and hate something based on our assumptions seems more inline with the behaviour of the mindless fans of a certain tangerine American buffoon than any community I consider myself a part of.

How about we think for ourselves, consider the entire context, and judge the thing based on the thing - not on what other people say or do. Is that really so much to ask?