Daniel Rutledge: My gaming resolution for the year is to swear less while playing games. This should be easy as I've recently stopped playing Call of Duty for several hours a week, replacing it with Battlefront, and that was the main source of insta-rage in my gaming life. However, anything multiplayer can present that immediate red flash of frustration and the foul language it brings pretty quickly, much to the chagrin of my sweet wife. I plan to stop it – or at least limit it substantially.

Adam Goodall: Follow the conversation. I've been following a lot of games journalist and developers on Twitter for years without seeing their conversations as a resource. The links they post and the tweets they make can lead to great discoveries: obscure games with interesting quirks, new angles on triple-A titles of the moment, holes in my gaming history that can be patched up. I need to take advantage of that more; keep on top of the interesting writing and talking going around and get my own perspectives on the discussion.

Ben Allan: Must finish more games. My completionist habits mean that particularly in RPGs, I have a recent tendency to run around trying to do everything until the point I get bored of the game, and thus never quite finish the story. It's just like when I watched every episode of Prison Break except literally the last two. So many neglected save games. Why? Why did I ever continue beyond season 1 of Prison Break? These are the questions that haunt me. On this particular list off the top of my head: Dragon Age Inquisition, Darkest Dungeon, Dishonored, The Witcher 1 and 2, Thief, Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Matt Maguire: I hereby resolve to quit games I'm not enjoying much faster than I currently do; to cross them off my backlog, and to not feel any guilt about it. Many games I have purchased on the spur of the moment or due to completionist tendencies are niche titles that only hold limited appeal for a largely mainstream gamer like myself, so I'm ditching them, hiding them from my Steam landing page or selling them, and moving on. That applies equally to games that come highly recommended and games that only get good hours in: I'm not burning through a week of evenings before I get to the meaty stuff. Some games are simply not for me and besides, I WANT GRATIFICATION AND I WANT IT NOW

Toby Berger: I need to start cracking through my immense catalogue of Steam games, but even before that I have to put some time aside to play through The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, more of Bloodborne, and the Metro series. There’s been so many games launching almost every week, and as a consequence I often find myself lost and electing to play FIFA 16 and Halo 5: Guardians instead. My resolution is, at bare minimum, to finish The Witcher 3 and the Metro series.

Timothy Stanton: My New Year's gaming resolution is to find time to play more games. I'm not sure where that will come from – nobody will notice if I don't work Fridays right? Or if I stop sleeping I could finally have that perfect opportunity to play The Witcher 3, knock over Alien: Isolation, and maybe even finish that Total War: Empire playthrough I keep neglecting...

Alan Bell:
I'm going to dip into my backlog and play something I bought with great ambition... only to put on the shelf and forget about. Maybe I'll start small; yeah, that could work. A nice, short game like The Order: 1886. Or something cerebral, like The Talos Principle. I got all excited about Star Wars Battlefront; now that I've see The Force Awakens, maybe that's the game to shake the dust from first. Decisions, decisions...

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