We're blogging EA's presser, live from an LA hotel room.

Well, EA's music choice is better than Microsoft's, at least.

Johnny Cash underneath a Mass Effect cinematic? Good start.
Mass Effect Andromeda is the name of the next in the hallowed series. It's coming holiday 2015.

Andrew Wilson is on stage.
"More than a dozen new experiences to share."
"No, thank YOU."

Here's Need For Speed.
Well, that cinematic didn't tell us a lot, except that we're allowed to drive how we want. Thanks?
"A rich open world environment" that's about twice the size of Rivals.
Lots of customisation coming, apparently.
Looks like there is more of a focus on story.
Souping up a Subaru. UI looks slick.
Plenty of sliding around corners and getting rewarded for utterly everything.

Jeff Hickman on stage for Star Wars: The Old Republic
Taking it back to BioWare-style storytelling.
Expansion is Knights of the Fallen Empire.
Coming October 27.
Your choices will matter. Join or betray.
Free to subscribers.
That was a sick cinematic.

Patrick Soderland is on stage.
Here come two new original IPs.
The first is "emotional, deeply creative".
It's called Unravelled.
Or is it Unravel? Yep, it's Unravel.
Main character is called "Yarny". Heh.
From a small studio in Sweden, just 14 staff.
A puzzle platformer. You unravel as you move.
Yarn represents love, and the bonds of love.
That dude's left hand will never be a model.
Gameplay is all physics-based.
Use yarn to swing across gaps, or things more complex.
Ah the gopher, the natural enemy of the yarn-people.
Dragging a lantern with yarn to light your way looks cool.
Looks solid, but are there any new ideas to be had in the puzzle platform genre?

A zombie from Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is briefly on stage.
Dr Zomboss has figured out a way to take suburbia from the plants.
Now the plants are on the attack.
Six new character classes.
Here's a live gameplay demo. Sorry, "live".
A new map, Zomboss factories. Graveyard Ops is a co-op mode.
First class, the Imp zombie. Runs about with a wee jetpack. The smallest and fastest zombie class. Dual laser machine pistols.
Now the superbrains, the zombie's all-new melee class that wears a cape.
Has a hurricane attack.
Captain deadbeard is the zombie's first sniper class.
A super gigatorch wave has kicked off.
The imp is now in clockwork power armour. Sweet.
Now an evac sequence, Titanfall-style.
The first game was a ton of fun, so I'm looking forward to this one.
All modes can be played singleplayer or splitscreen co-op.
Almost all saved characters from the first can be transferred across to the new game.
EA is promising lots of free content updates.

NHL 16 is up next. And EA Sports stuff in general.
Ultimate team stuff. Double the amount of new content compared with last season is coming.

NBA Live 16. This game has a lot to prove.
Lots of talk about self expression.
New app will do face scan.
The hoop gawd? Oh gawd.
Guys, customisation is the last thing you should worry about when it comes to NBA Live.
Okay now they're promising physics-based motion and animation.
"You won't feel like you're stuck in a scripted animation."
New shot system. New pick 'n' roll system. Nothing groundbreaking.
I feel like the longer EA focusses on sports, the more the crowd gets bored. EA makes great sports games, but the iterative announcements don't feel like they really belong at a showcase like this.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a card game? Internet died, sorry.

And now, Minions Paradise. Those yellow dudes from Despicable Me.
Are they seriously doing a mobile segment?
That applause took a while to come. Rightfully so.

Here's something about football. Wonder which game this is? It's soccer legend Pele. Oh, he's on stage! Nice.
I'm gonna hazard a guess that not many watching this broadcast care though. Passionate FIFA players – those that play nothing but – don't strike me as the types that would watch an E3 press conference.
Pele is a legend but the last 20 minutes of this conference have been incredibly dull.
Make that 25 minutes.
"That was kind of unbelieveable. But we have to get on..." YES YOU DO
Okay here's FIFA 16.
New defensive agility - useful especially when attackers are on the break.
No touch dribbling, courtesy of Messi motion capture.
As we know, women's teams are in. Excellent.
A special item is being added to the accounts of all FIFA players.
There are a lot of sweeping statements here about FIFA, but a lack of specifics, and it's all a bit woolly to entice new players in.
This gameplay footage might, though.

Sara Jansson is on stage.
What would life look like if there was no privacy? Like today, presumably.
It's Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
City is ruled by corporations, led by a chap called Gabriel Kruger.
No levels or loading screens - true free-roaming.
It's Faith's origin story.
Coming February 23, 2016.

And we're back to sports – here's Madden 16.
Draft Champions is a new mode.
Build a team of current and legendary playrs.
Fast multi-round drafts.
Choose three players each round.
Challenge other players with your team.
As for the core modes, passing game has been overhauled.
New body-relative throws. Throw high or low relative to your receivers.
Three new catch types: completion, run after catch, aggressive.
Defense-wise... argh the stream is down
This Madden stuff is now you showcase a sports title though. To the point, new features quickly and clearly explained.
Stream is still down. Time for a bathroom break, then.

Okay, here's Star Wars Battlefront.
Lucasfilm gave DICE access to old props and documents to give the game that authentic look.
Here's some gameplay. YUSSSSS
This is Walker Assault, one of the game's largest modes.
The Empire must escort AT-ATs to a certain point, while the rebels must repel them.
It's PS4 footage. Pre-alpha.
Scopes? Didn't DICE say there wouldn't be any?
Well that was totally great. So many awesome moments. I cannot wait to be terrible at this game.

And that's it!