7:04pm: Sessler banter.

7:05pm: Hey it's Pete Hines! Hi Pete. I bet he's sh*tting himself.

7:10pm: Bethesda is leading with Doom. Here we go.

Built on ID Tech "666"
On Mars. Focus on big f'n guns, fast movement, demons
Game slows when you go to weapon select dial
Traversal mechanics: plenty of platforming
Gory melee finishers
Assault rifle, super shottie, pump-action shotgun, chainsaw!
A revenant pulled our arms off
Multiplayer to feature fast movement (including vertical), unique powerups, arena-style combat
Will feature co-op horde modes
Doom Snapmap announced: a map editor. "Add predefined or completely custom gameplay." Cross-platform?
Can mess with the game logic to create completely new experiences.
More gameplay: this time in hell.
Sniper scope on assault rifle
Familiar enemies: imps, mancubus, revenant
Plasma rifle, rocket launcher, chaingun, BFG

7:32pm: Bethesda.net announced

"It will be at the heart of all our games going forward" - Hines

Read more on Doom and Bethesda.net here.

7:33pm: Tepid reception for Battlecry.

7:35pm: Arkane takes the stage. Here comes Dishonored II.

Arkane speaks of its love for non-scripted moments.
"Blood in the gutters, corruption in the wind"
"How will you make your mark on this wretched world?"
Sounds like The Outsider.
Emily Caldwin fights a mechanicalbeing of some sort
Play as Emily or Dishonored protagonist Corvo. Each has own gadgets and powers. Emily has a smoke power of some sort, as well as arc mines.

7:41pm: Dishonored: Definitive Edition announced for XO, PS4.

Read more on Dishonored 2 here.

7:43pm: Footage of upcoming scenes from The Elder Scrolls Online shown.

7:44pm: Pete Hines is the best; "Hi!"

7:44pm: The Elder Scrolls: Legends strategy card game announced for tablet and PC. Free-to-play.

7:47pm: Oh Pete, you rapscallion. Here's Fallout 4.

Game director Todd Howard takes the stage.
Started designing it in 2009, amid Skyrim stuff.
"It's all of these small details coming together that form a much, much larger whole."
Concept art ahoy. Where's the gameplay?
Some of the game will take place before the bombs fell.
Character editor looks solid.
Play as a female if you like.
A baby is generated based on the couple you make.
A Vault-Tec salesman calls. The foreshadowing!
Ability points distributed via Vault-Tec registration form.
Sirens. Get to the vault. Uh-oh, that's a nuke.
Emerge 200 years later as the sole survivor of vault 111.
"Player freedom remains our absolute number one goal."
Runs on next-gen version of Creation Engine: full dynamic rendering, volumetric lighting.
Codsworth (the robot) survived.
Can play the dialogue sections in first- or third-person.
Nice doggie.
Can give the dog commands. All contextual.
VATS system is back.
Downtown Boston confirmed.
New Pip Boy. Glorious.
Layered armour system.
Holo tapes including game tapes: Missile Command, Donkey Kong.
Pip Boy comes with a collector's edition. Put your phone in it and there's an app for it. Oh goodness. Works with the game as a second screen experience. iOS and Android.
"As far as stupid gimmicks go, it's the best fucking one I've seen."

8:06pm: A Fallout mobile game is coming: Fallout Shelter.

Make your own vault, XCOM base-style view.
Influenced by SimCity, XCOM, Progress Quest.
Actually looks kind of amazing.
Will be free, no paywall timers, no Internet connection req'd. Can pay for additional lunchboxes.
Out tonight worldwide!

8:11pm: Back to Fallout 4.

In-game building showcased. Scrap things and built stuff.
Looks crazy in-depth. Create settlements and run caravans between them.
Over 50 base weapons, over 700 modifications.
Modify your power armour too.
And now a gameplay showcase set to "Atom Bomb Baby" by The Five Stars.
Coming out November 10 this year.

8:23pm: Nothin' like free stuff to get the press onside. #gamergate

8:25pm: That's all folks!