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#20 Ori and the Blind Forest XO PC

A Metroidvania with a stronger platforming focus and light RPG elements, Ori looks to recapture the magic of games like Super Metroid and Zelda: A Link to the Past. According to Moon, its influences also include the works of Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, along with “great animated films of the 90s like The Lion King or The Iron Giant”. Expect a compelling story, lush art, and pixel-perfect controls when this one drops in March.

#19 Battlefield Hardline XO 360 PS4 PS3 PC

However good it is now, Battlefield 4 will always be remembered by some for its multitude of launch problems. However, we shouldn’t hold that against Dead Space studio Visceral, which has stepped in to create cops ‘n’ robbers title Hardline. That studio is promising a campaign that won’t be entirely linear, but which will be better than that of BF4. Most will only care about the multiplayer though, which will do well to learn from current top dog Payday 2. Battlefield’s Levolution mechanic and game modes might separate it from that game, but whatever the case, we’re just looking forward to tazing some chopper pilots.

#18 Mad Max XO PS4 PC 360 PS3

Avalanche is the perfect studio to tackle this version of George Miller’s loopy post-apocalyptic tale, because if there are two things the Just Cause developer knows besides avalanches, it’s vehicles and combat. It even listened when folks asked for an Aussie-sounding Max. Even Mel Gibson’s brother wanted in!

#17 Inside XO PS4 PC 360 PS3

All you really need to know about this one is that it’s a spiritual sequel to Limbo. Which is just as well, because that is literally all we know about it.

#16 The Legend of Zelda WiU

Another entry that surely needs very little explanation, Zelda Wii U again sees Eiji Aonuma working alongside some dude called Shigeru Miyamoto to produce an open world tale about Link and his horse Epona. This time there will be more ways to get in and out of dungeons from the overworld, and Aonuma says he is "rethinking the conventions” of the hallowed franchise. This is Nintendo we’re talking about though, so it won’t be crazy different, but it’s also Zelda we’re talking about, so that won’t matter.

#15 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain XO PS4 PC 360 PS3

A “true” open world. Improved enemy AI. Dogs. Horses. Tanks. A real time day/night cycle. Binoculars. T&A. A rich history of acclaimed and beloved games. Eye patches. Snake. Yes.

#14 Just Cause 3 XO PS4 PC

According to Avalanche, Just Cause 3 will skirt "a fine line between outright stupid and fun". Just like the previous games then! The grappling hook and parachute also return but with improved mechanics, and these two will be joined by a wingsuit, and some more map verticality. That means more buildings to scale and also caves to dwell in. Hey – Batman lives in a cave! Crossover confirmed.

The Top 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2015 - Part 3

#13 Halo 5: Guardians XO

Halo – you might have heard of it? 343’s work on Halo 4 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection make us simultaneously sure it can nail stuff, but also apprehensive about multiplayer implementation. Fortunately the feedback from the game’s multiplayer beta has been good so far, with a number of new and returning mechanics giving it some extra pizzazz. Expect 60 frames a second gameplay, dedicated servers (in Australia, at least), a slick new game engine, some dude called Locke, and a Steven Spielberg-produced Halo television series.

#12 Street Fighter V PS4 PC

An Unreal Engine 4 title that will feature cross-platform gameplay – a huge boon for the PC community in particular – Street Fighter V is likely to be a tournament and lounge mainstay for years to come. We don’t know much else about this one, but when was the last time you felt let down by a Street Fighter title? Third Strike? Okay fair enough.

#11 Pillars of Eternity PC

One of the most-funded game Kickstarters of all time, Pillars of Eternity is another Obsidian jaunt that will no doubt prove there is still a huge appetite for classic computer RPGs along the lines of Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate. It promises memorable companions, epic exploration, intense combat, and mature themes. However, it’s the involvement of genre legends Chris Avellone, Tim Cain, and Josh Sawyer – who between them have worked on many of the most influential RPGs of all time including those listed above – that really has us excited.

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