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#30 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 360 XO PS3 PS4 PC Vita

The first Revelations title was first decent Resident Evil game to come along in a good long while, so it’s heartening to have a four-part sequel coming early this year. Set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, it stars fan favourites Claire Redfield and Barry Burton, along with Burton’s daughter Moira. If it expands a little on its predecessor, Revelations 2 could represent a true return to form for the once-pioneering franchise.

#29 No Man's Sky PS4 PC

There have been some pretty out-there claims made about procedurally generated open universe title No Man’s Sky, so it’ll be nice to finally sit down with it ourselves. An exploration title that stole the show at last year's E3, it boasts some lovely visuals while promising a huge universe to zip around. Here’s hoping the small team working on the game can inject some meaning into the whole experience.

#28 Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number PS4 PC

Controversial rape scene aside, a new hard mode, 13(!) playable characters with unique special moves, a level editor, and a sleazy and acid-tinged ‘90s setting have us very excited to play this one. Australia: remember you have the developer’s permission to pirate it with wild abandon.

#27 Project Cars XO PS4 PC WiiU

UK-based Slightly Mad is no stranger to racing games, having developed Need for Speed: Shift, Shift 2: Unleashed, and Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. It also has a car MMO on the way in World of Speed. Some astounding visuals are the first thing you’ll notice about Project Cars, but it’s distinguishing itself with a variety of motorsport paths whose cars and tracks are all unlocked from the beginning. There are expected to be more than 67 drivable cars and 52 tracks available at or close to launch, and it also supports the Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus headset. Delicious.

#26 Dying Light XO PS4 PC

Questions lingered when we wrote about this one at the start of last year, but 12 months later having played it, we can safely say it’s shaping up really well. The free-running and melee mechanics work despite the game’s first-person perspective, and we’re looking forward to the co-op and asymmetrical multiplayer – although sectioning the latter off as pre-order bonus was a dick move by Warner Bros. Nail the story and this one is a sure-fire winner, despite its well-worn premise. And will you look at that – it’s out in a week!

#25 Torment: Tides of Numenera PC

A spiritual successor to one of the most acclaimed RPGs of all-time, Tides of Numenera promises to be a deep, story-centric, all-consuming beast that is landing during something of a resurgence of old-school computer RPGs. A number of big names in the RPG genre are on board, and Kickstarter went crazy for it. Expect a personal narrative that tackles themes of abandonment and the significance of a single life, alongside some top-shelf monster-bashing, of course.

The Top 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2015 - Part 3

#24 The Witness PS4 PC

It’s been a very long time coming, but it looks like Braid designer Jonathon Blow is finally releasing his second game this year. He’s wisely kept kept most details of The Witness to himself, but he did say that "the mazes aren't just puzzles, they are lines of communication that aggregate, become more complex, and eventually say surprising things". That’s unhelpful, but the game does look a bit like The Talos Principle, a late-2014 first-person puzzler that everyone utterly raved about. For that completely arbitrary reason, set expectations to ‘overdrive’ is what we’re sayin’.

#23 Quantum Break XO

With Max Payne and Alan Wake in its credits, Remedy is a studio with little to prove. It’s good to see it still taking chances then, as Quantum Break is both a game and a TV show, with choices made in-game somehow affecting things on the telly. No, we don’t know how it’s going to work either, but if it manages even half of its promised “innovative, adrenaline-fueled gameplay and time manipulation features with deep and thoughtful narrative”, it’ll still be pretty great.

#22 Assassin's Creed Victory XO PS4 PC

Okay okay, so Unity was kinda balls, but at least it tried to expand upon the stale Ass Creed formula with co-op and RPG systems, and there is still some goodwill left over from Black Flag, right? And yes, we know basically nothing about this one beyond its Victorian London setting, but we’re eternal optimists, and also massive suckers for punishment. Pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood

The Top 100 Most Anticipated Games of 2015 - Part 3

#21 Grand Theft Auto V PC

We’re cheating with this one somewhat because we know the game is absolutely killer, so we’re also including the long, long-awaited Heists of GTA Online in here too. There isn’t much else to say about one of the most visible franchises ever, so let’s just wrap this one up with some enthusiastic noises: Squeeeee! Woop! Yaaaaaaay! *faaaaart*

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