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This installment's question comes to us from some guy named Matt:

"New Year's Resolutions can be an albatross around your neck, which is awesome as an albatross can look boss, and they are also delicious. With that in mind, what is your gaming albatross/resolution for 2015? Mine is to top the world leaderboards of Kinect Zumba Fitness on 360."


My resolution is to catch'em all, Pokémon style. It's been a long 17 years since I last had a 100% completed Pokédex. Admittedly, the list has blown out considerably (from 151 in 1998 to 721 in this generation), but with the advent of online trading and the ability to request a particular Pocket Monster for trade, I reckon I should be able to crack it.

What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?

What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?
Planetary Annihilation.
What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?
Wasteland 2.
What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?
South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Due to some lacklustre entries in 2014 (and in previous years), my gaming resolution for 2015 is to not pre-order or Early Access any game in 2015. I will not continue to give money to publishers who continue to release games with poor design, or quality control, or even both.

Fool me once many times, shame on you.
Fool me again, shame on me.


My gaming resolution is to finish more games. It should go without saying that we play heaps of games at Gameplanet. I briefly played many dozens of games in 2014, but I could probably count the games I completed on my fingers and toes. In 2015, I’m resolved to see more credits, and I’m going to start by finishing off some of 2014’s best games that got lost in the mix: Wasteland 2, Transistor, South Park...


I resolve to worry less about the current cultural conversation and, instead, make my own cultural conversations. I want to play small and ignored games, old games I never got to, the games that have become bona fide hobbies – and I want to do all this without feeling bad about keeping up with the digital Joneses, as I have done in the last few years.

I also resolve to make a Twine game. I’ve been fascinated with the tool since developers like Porpentine and Michael Lutz started gaining a profile, and some of my favourite games of the last two years – Depression Quest, A(s)century, Horse Master, Tower of the Blood Lord, Sacrilege – have been made in the engine. One doesn’t need to know how the sausage is made to critique the sausage, but I really want to explore making the sausage this way.


For 2015, as far as gaming resolutions go what should I do? Play more games, play more games to completion, play through my absurd back log? None of the above. I want get my wife to play games with me; so she can hopefully get some of the enjoyment out of games that I have been getting for years.

What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?
Mirror's Edge.
What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?
What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?
Battlefield 4.
What are your gaming New Year resolutions for 2015?


For me, 2015 is going to be the last great year of the PS3. I haven't made the jump to next-gen yet, and there's still an imposing backlog of games I need to get to before I can even contemplate it, honestly. Mirror's Edge, Bulletstorm, The Last of Us, Bayonetta, season two of The Walking Dead... They all sit in my "to be played" pile, begging to be picked up before the PS4 arrives and consigns them to the cupboard forever. And then there's Skyrim. My Orcish barbarian necromancer has barely dipped a toe in the icy waters of Tamriel, and I keep getting distracted from doing important hero stuff by in-depth history books on Dwemer architecture.


I'd like to play more competitive multiplayer. I've been mostly a single player gamer who's not averse to a bit of co-op with friends, but I've been reluctant to get too heavily into online battles with strangers, partly due to toxic online behaviour and partly thanks to my lack of love for getting my arse handed to me in the learning stage of any new game. This year I'd like to toughen up on both these fronts though, get competent at something I like, and go on to, er, hand out some arses myself. Arses for everyone!


My resolution is to stop paying attention to Gamergate. It’s nice to feel like a dedicated foot-soldier in a righteous army. I can’t accuse the #gamergate movement of falling for that sweet, shallow temptation if I’m guilty of it myself. I’ve spent the past few months trawling through particular Gamergate subreddits and viewing and re-viewing particular videos. It’s unhealthy and time consuming to obsessively, mantra-like, articulate the same arguments over and over in my head about the myriad ways these people are wrong. Long-term, it is unpleasant and bleak to absorb myself in so much negativity, even if in the short term it feels quite good.


Despite a terrible track record when it comes to resolutions of any kind, I’m swinging for the fences this year in the hope I'll slam dunk that wicket right into the wide receiver's shuttlecock, or something. My resolution is to cross 100 games off my enormous backlog of games to play. I should clarify: I have no intention of playing them all through to completion, or even getting close – my gaming time is far too restricted for that. Instead, I'm going to sample a few hours of each, and then keep a note of which to return to once I'm rich and have nothing to do except put tailored hats on every animal in my neighbourhood. I might even start a regular column here on GP charting my progress.

That, or I'll finally play Demon's Souls. Something tells me I can't do both...

That's what we reckon – what about you? Do you have a resolution or two for this year? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to email us if you have a question to put to the masses!