65) Virtuix Omni (hardware)

Developer: Virtuix
Platform(s): Windows PC
Release date: April
Why: Sure, it'll be costly to get it here, and it requires special shoes to operate, but we're still absurdly excited about the Omni. An omni-directional treadmill that allows for running, jumping, backwards stepping, and strafing, the Omni works with any game and alongside the Oculus Rift and STEM System, is making motion controls look mighty appealing (and gaming look mighty exhausting).

64) Oculus Rift (hardware)

Developer: Oculus VR, Inc.
Platform(s): Will support Windows PC, OS X, Linux, mobile
Release date: Late 2014
Why: The massively crowdfunded Rift virtual reality headset was looking very promising even before genius John Carmack joined Oculus' ranks as chief technology officer, and the developer version is pretty neat. However, it's the higher-resolution consumer model we're looking forward to trying this year. It's being built mainly for PC and mobile, and apparently doesn't cause motion-sickness the way the developer version can. Now to speculate wildly about which games will use the tech the best...

63) STEM System (hardware)

Developer: Sixense
Platform(s): PC
Release date: July
Why: The final piece of hardware on this list. A crowdfunded wireless motion tracking platform from the clever folks that came up with up the Razer Hydra PC gaming controller, the STEM System is looking amazing. Supporting up to five modules that may be used for full position and orientation tracking of any body parts, the STEM is compatible with all types of displays and the Virtuix Omni, and will be an open platform for creators of both software and hardware consumer products. Neat!

62) Persona 5

Genre: JRPG
Developer: Atlus
Publisher: Atlus
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date: Q4
Why: At least in Japan. The fifth video game in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series was only announced last November, so details are scarce, but if its anywhere near the quality of Persona 4, you won't hear too many complaints from us.

61) Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Genre: Vehicular Combat
Developer: Stainless Games
Platform(s): Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, OS X, Linux
Release date: Unknown, may not actually be this year
Why: The first game to be given the Pope-ban, to feature 3D physics, and to include wholesale cow slaughter (probably) is getting a reboot thanks to Kickstarter! It's the same studio doing the coding too, so presumably the developers will only need to add "HD" to the end of each line, and will then be laughing all the way to the bank.

60) Daylight

Genre: First-person survival horror
Developer: Zombie Studios
Publisher: Atlus
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Windows PC
Release date: Q1
Why: The trailer gives little away, but Daylight is from Blacklight: Retribution developer Zombie Studios and runs on Unreal Engine 4, so that's something. We're also intrigued by the promise of procedurally-generated levels in a first-person survival horror title. The prospect of wearing adult diapers, less so.

59) Tales of Xillia 2

Genre: JRPG
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date: 2014
Why: Tales of Xillia's well-implemented moral choices and fast battles saw it tear up the charts in both Japan and America. The sequel has been out in Japan since November 2012, and it looks like America and Europe will finally get a localised version this year.

58) Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse episode 2

Genre: Adventure
Developer: Revolution Software
Publisher: Revolution Software
Platform(s): Windows PC, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS
Release date: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Android & iOS: January. PlayStation Vita: Q1.
Why: The first episode of Kickstarter graduate Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse was well-received, with critics praising its artistic direction and plot. Its cliffhanger ending rankled some, but that's something the second and final episode should remedy.

57) Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues

Genre: RPG
Developer: Portalarium
Publisher: Portalarium
Platform(s): Windows PC, OS X, Linux
Release date: October
Why: Because Ultima creator Richard "Lord British" Garriott is creative director, and Dragonlance co-writer Tracy Hickman is on board as lead story designer. Because it is influenced by the Ultima series, J.R.R. Tolkien, and elements of steampunk. Because 22,322 people kicking in almost US$2m between them can't be wrong?

56) War for the Overworld

Genre: God game
Developer: Subterranean Games
Platform(s): Windows PC, OS X, Linux
Release date: 2014
Why: Inspired by Dungeon Keeper, StarCraft, Overlord, and Evil Genius, War for the Overworld certainly isn't original, but it is shaping up very well indeed. Online multiplayer should prove amusing, and even Dungeon Keeper creator and Peter Molyneux is keen! Again, Kickstarter will be to blame if it all goes horribly wrong.

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