Digital Nationz, a new Kiwi consumer expo covering videogames, technology and digital entertainment, was announced yesterday.

Digital Nationz invited Gameplanet’s readers to ask questions. We’ve collated the replies below.

Have a question that still hasn’t been answered? Ask the organisers anything about Digital Nationz in the comments below.

Q: Any plans to reserve space for indie developers?

Digital Nationz: Yes, we are creating two "Homegrown" area, details on how and who gets to participate here are yet to be announced.

Q: Any chance of playing some Assassin’s Creed 4, or Battlefield 4?

Digital Nationz: We can confirm that Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag will be at the show. For more announcements on publisher titles stay tuned to Gameplanet, or the Digital Nationz Facebook, Twitter and website.

Q: Will there be a Nintendo booth?

Digital Nationz: We are still confirming participation from some suppliers, check back for more on this subject as we get closer to the event.

We are also looking in to a "Nintendo history" subsection to the Video Game Museum.

Q: Will there be keynote speeches, or anything similar?

Digital Nationz: We will be announcing more about the international and local speakers soon, we are really excited about bringing a wider range of people on board, but can't say more at this stage.

Q: Will we get a chance to use PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

Digital Nationz: Yes! Digital Nationz is the first public event in New Zealand that will let you play on the next-gen consoles.

Q: What's the difference between the normal and VIP tickets?

Digital Nationz: VIP tickets will be limited and will give the visitor some great benefits:

  • 1 Hour earlier access to the Expo than the general public each day
  • Guaranteed seating at speaking sessions and Robot Wars (pre-registration required)
  • Access to the Retro Arcade VIP Lounge Presented by George FM, filled with old school arcade machines and a few surprises…

Q: How many Oculus Rift headsets will be available for hands on to the public, and what sort of games will it run?

Digital Nationz: We’re still confirming final numbers, but we'd be lying if we said we would have heaps and heaps. We are limited to what will be available in the country at the time, but we are going to get as many as we possibly can.

The kits are currently in the development stage so it will limit the options of what you might be able to see, but again, as much as we can we will ensure we get the best experience possible.

Q: What's the attendee capacity each day?

Digital Nationz: We are making sure to balance it as much as possible, with the feedback we've had so far it is looking like a huge attendance and we are looking forward to seeing everyone there.

We are trying to make sure that as much as possible it doesn't get too chokka in any one area. The good news is that with all the stuff going on (Robot Wars, Speakers, Video Gaming Museum, Workshops, and more) you'll be kept busy most of the time even if you are waiting in line. Did we mention the huge screens in the main exhibit area showing content all through the day?

Q: Will there be any tabletop games?

Digital Nationz: There will be no tabletop games at Digital Nationz. We think others already do a great job covering that area, we want to do the same for digital entertainment.

Q: If tickets sell well, will you extend it – add Friday perhaps?

Digital Nationz: We won't look at adding Friday this year, but it’s a possibility for 2014.

Q: Have you talked to anyone at Grinding Gear Games? Would be cool to see a New Zealand-related Path of Exile event.

Digital Nationz: We are in early talks with the great guys at Grinding Gear Games, and as soon as we know more we will be sure to let you know.

Q: Will we see developers from Sony, Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft there?

Digital Nationz: We can't say anything more at this stage, but we hear you and agree: it would be a dream come true!

Q: If this is successful do you think you will take it on to other centres around the country?

Digital Nationz: Never say never, however we think there is something special about having one event that only has one home, and that is your destination for your annual trip to satisfy your digital entertainment fix.

If you look at E3 or EB Game Expo and even PAX Australia you will see that they have the same idea too.

It's a sense of anticipation and getting together, planning a roadie or your flights, getting there, experiencing it all and then going home with memories to keep you satisfied until the next year.