Gameplanet has a team of experienced journalists on the ground in Los Angeles right now, who are preparing to bring you the best coverage of E3 2013 in the southern hemisphere.

Every year E3 kicks off with a series of press conference events held by the major platform holders and videogame publishers, who take the opportunity to reveal new products and lay out their vision for the year ahead.

For 2013 this will be led by Xbox early in the morning, followed by EA, Ubisoft and then PlayStation in the afternoon.

Tuesday 11th June, New Zealand time (NZST):

  • 4:30AM - Xbox
  • 8:00AM - Electronic Arts
  • 10:00AM - Ubisoft
  • 1:00PM - PlayStation

We will have LIVE video streams of each conference available for you to view right here on Gameplanet.

On demand video streams will be available after each live event finishes.

The actual expo opens on Wednesday 12th June NZST at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

What to expect

This year's E3 will come at a remarkable time for the videogame industry, as Microsoft and Sony begin a new battle with their next-generation consoles the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The PC is enjoying a renaissance in popularity among both developers and consumers, the market is diversifying with new platforms such as the Android-powered Ouya and GameStick, and mobile gaming continues to dominate large swathes of the landscape.

Microsoft was roundly criticised for focusing too much on TV and sports rather than games during its Xbox One reveal event on 22 May. So the software giant is widely expected to shift the emphasis firmly back to gaming when it "continues the discussion" about Xbox One at its E3 conference and booth.

Sony meanwhile is set to unveil the styling of its PlayStation 4 hardware – something the electronics giant was criticised for not doing during its reveal event in February. Other than that, the challenge for Sony will be to come up with enough new announcements to keep up their momentum.

In any case, it's going to be quite a ride. We'll be posting news, previews, interviews, videos, and podcasting throughout the show, so we hope you'll make Gameplanet your first stop for E3 information this week.