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How come nobody’s ever tried to be a superhero?

When Dave Lizewski, an ordinary New York teenager, dons a green and yellow internet-bought wetsuit to become the no-nonsense vigilante Kick-Ass, he soon finds an answer to his own question: because it hurts.

But, overcoming all the odds, the overly eager Dave quickly becomes a phenomenon, capturing the imagination of the public. However, he’s not the only superhero out there – the fearless and highly-trained father/daughter crime-fighting duo Big Daddy and Hit Girl have been slowly but surely taking down the criminal empire of local Mafioso Frank D’Amico.

As Kick-Ass gets drawn into their no-holds-barred world of bullets and bloodletting with Frank’s son, Chris, now reborn as Kick-Ass’ arch-nemesis Red Mist, the stage is set for a final showdown between the forces of good and evil in which the DIY hero will have to live up to his name. Or die trying…