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The Storm Warriors is the fantasy-adventure sequel to 1998's The Storm Riders, inspired by the Hong Kong comic book series Fung Wan. Directed by the Pang brothers (Bangkok Dangerous, The Eye), The Storm Warriors stars Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok - reprising their roles from the original. In this chapter, Wind and Cloud find themselves up against a ruthless Japanese warlord intent on invading China.

The Story

Evil warlord Lord Godless (Simon Yam) desired to conquer China. He imprisoned a large number of martial artists and tried to make them subjugate. Among the prisoners were Cloud (Aaron Kwok) and the martial arts elder statesman Nameless (Kenny Ho). Wind (Ekin Cheng) came to the rescue. The trio was badly wounded by Lord Godless's evil martial arts attack.

Wind chose to take the evil way to quickly boost up his martial arts skills, so that he could protect the people. During his training, he met the girl who changed his life, Dream (Charlene Choi). Meanwhile, the troop of Lord Godless came to attack. Wind's training was interrupted when he tried to save Dream from Lord Godless's assault...

The Storm Warriors is now showing at selected SkyCity Cinemas.