Two of Destiny’s biggest PvP events are returning for the first time since the launch of The Taken King.

Bungie announced in its Weekly Update that Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris would both be returning to the game on October 13, with some notable differences.

Iron Banner will have the same emphasis on power, however, the damage curves have been changed in accordance with new measurement systems introduced in The Taken King.

Other changes to Iron Banner include an increased drop rate. Drops will now be the primary reward for the PvP event, rather than tokens for vendors.

The Iron Banner has nine new daily bounties and three weeklies that reward Legendary Marks for exchange with the vendor Lord Saladin.

Several big changes have also been introduced to the Trials of Osiris PvP event.

Trials gear now drops at the end of the match for winning teams, the more you win the better the drops will be.

Players will still have to win nine consecutive match to be invited to the coveted Lighthouse area, now however, players can continue to compete in the Trials past nine wins – but you won’t get any better gear.

Bounties have now been introduced to the Trials, allowing players who don’t reach the Lighthouse an opportunity to acquire Trials gear.

Bungie have also introduced a new matchmaking mechanic that will attempt to match teams with similar win counts in the Trials.