Bungie has released a teaser for Destiny's second expansion just ahead of its official reveal tomorrow morning.

The expansion, House of Wolves, introduces at least one new social area (the Queen's Bay); new vendors; new weapons, armour, and gear; new story missions; three new competitive multiplayer maps; and a new cooperative Strike.

In the new footage are glimpses of what look like upgrades for existing Raid weapons and armour, along with a shot confirming that the Light level cap will be raised to at least 34.

The game's first expansion, The Dark Below, increased the limit from 30 to 32.

Tomorrow's livestream will be hosted by Bungie community manager Deej on the studio's Twitch channel. He’ll be joined by creative director Christopher Barrett and community member Gothalion.

It will kick off at 11am PST (6am NZ time).

House of Wolves, which will not include a new Raid, is out May 19.