The release of the Lego Star Wars model collection spawned a heap of attempts to re-film parts of the movies in Lego-vision. Utilising the sometimes cute Lego semi-action figures and stop motion video some wonderfully crafted movie clips flooded the net. Some keen fans went as far to collect hundreds of the figures and pull together entire armies of Star Wars factions with wargame rules and Lego scenery. Rather than discourage this Lucas Arts have itself got on the band wagon and produced computer games utilising the digitalised versions of the Lego figures. Incredible as it seems these art imitating art games are more popular than the “official” games of the movies.

The release of the quintessential Lego Star Wars game “Lego Star Wars – The Complete Saga” represents the pinnacle of the art form as is stands today. Combining the entire six movie episodes the game represents hours of fun for the family. This game is squarely targeted at both young and old with easy to manage controls and low level Lego violence. The worse that can happen is your character is destroyed to its raw brick form and similarly the same for your enemies. If you feel squemish at the site of a Lego littered floor then this is not the game for you.

The game is simply described as a platform game. You are challenged to guide your character on a linear adventure that follows very much in the path of the movie script. The bad guys are dispatched with lasers, or light sabers while your character jumps and bounds to impossible ledges and outcrops. Destroying enemies and objects revels tokens to purchase power ups, health tokens and the like. As you progress you can unlock more and more of the myriad of Star Wars heroes and some of the heroes from other Lucas Films movies. You can play the game as Han Solo for instance or Princess Leia. There is also an in game promo of a possible Lego Indiana Jones series and all we can say is bring it on!

The figures themselves are perfect renditions of the real life Lego figures. They walk and move how you would expect them too. The bouncing gate of the main characters in time with the music is a masterful touch. The scenery itself is also pure Lego. Nothing you see on screen can not be reproduced with your own Lego sets if you have the right pieces. In fact you are left wondering how much of the set design was done using Lego.

The scenery is not just static and other than just destroying it for tokens, there are times when reconstructing or moving pieces result in the opening up of further areas of the game. Some of the landscapes are breathtaking and we were particularly impressed with the space battle segment that has you piloting your craft through a huge battle fleet. It makes you want to dust of your lego sets and see if you can build some of the ships.

The sound effects and music are true to the movies however unlike the movies there is also an underlying tongue in cheek aspect where it does not take itself too seriously. Being able knock an arm and leg of C-3PO and see him hop about and bang his head on stuff is a good diversion. Stack the vases up from the bar room tables and you can play ten pin bowling. Many more little quirks and discoveries await players as you get more and more into the game. These act as a good relief from what would otherwise be a repetitive game.

The Saga includes like other games in the series the ability to play co-operatively (be warned however a careless swipe with your light saber can result in a friendly Lego head detachment) with addition this time online two player co-op mode as well.

It would be a real dis-service to this game to classify it as a kids game. Its is fun for all ages. Mindless fun, somewhat repetitive in places yes, but overall it is a good honest family game. Its huge amount of game play and ever popular Star Wars theme makes this a game every console owner should pick up.