As most of you reading this will be aware, the first downloadable content for Fable II became available on Tuesday.

In what we can only hope is the first of several DLC packs, or perhaps even an expansion, the Knothole Island DLC unlocks an entire new island for you to explore, along with a large range of new content for you to spend your in-game money on (which by now most likely is in the millions).

Once downloaded, a new character will appear near the Bowerstone Markets, who will tell you that Knothole Island urgently needs you. This is your chance to now become the hero of Knothole Island! The island itself is not very large, it is largely made up of a town with some shops and the various dungeons for you to explore. The DLC comes with three new quests for you to embark on, and these are all tied in with the main story, although rather loosely.

No matter, Knothole Island is an exciting place to be, and the island itself is full of extremes. You will need to help the residents overcome their problems so that they can flourish. It is a wild and beautiful place, and there has been a high level of polish put into the island, although it isn’t vastly different to other places seen on the mainland.

The island also contains a number of new shops for you to explore, and they are by far some of the most interesting shops that we have seen in the Fable II world. You can collect some rather unique items here, to really diversify and change your character. There are also a huge number of potions available which are exclusive to the island; these can rejuvenate you and return you to your youthful vigour, along with that slim waistline you lost after the fifth or sixth pie. You’ll also find some new outfits to wear, including some knights armour which looks pretty darn cool. There are also some of the best augments available on the island, along with a tool with which to remove augments from a weapon, which is enormously handy. Six new weapons are also available on the island, and they will take some hunting down.

There are certainly a number of reasons that this pack is worthwhile, not to mention that it is a wonderful way to undo some of your previous decisions which you may have regretted...

The quests themselves are possibly the main motivation for heading to the island, and they will give you around two hours of gameplay, depending on how you pace yourself. You will be faced with a range of puzzles and have to think fast a lot of the time. In total the DLC does add several good hours to the game, and is well worth the price tag, even if it just gets you back into Fable II.

It certainly would have been nice to have more than three quests, and perhaps some new side quests, but at 800 points it isn’t a bad deal. All in all we really hope this is just the first of several DLC packs, as it really is an amusing addition to what we already felt was a great game. If you still have Fable II sitting at home, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t pick this up!