In light of the fact that I was given three Live Arcade games to do a mini-review on, I thought I’d turn it into a "three for one". Good value or what?

This arcade game is in fact featured on Live Marketplace this week; try it out and you’ll see why. The closest thing to Mario Brothers in a long time, N+ keeps you on the edge of your seat as you try to complete each mission and dodge a number of obstacles from electrified patrol droids, and carefully laid mines, to moving turrets that spew bullets in your direction upon sight! The N in N+ stands for "ninja" and there are definitely some moves in this game you’ll need that only a ninja can pull off.

The objective is to flip a switch that will open a door to the next level, all in a time limit that can be extended by collecting gold coins strewn in patterns across the level. Now don’t let that simple description run down the actual fun value this game has to offer, the downloadable content is expected to grow over the coming months and if along with the great gameplay that doesn’t keep you hooked then the great soundtrack will. The musical score for this game is fast and keeps you psyched to dodge those bullets and obstacles to finish every level like a true ninja.

If you do however fall to the booby traps placed around the map then you’ll have your frown turned upside down at the sight of your body being blown to pieces all over the map in style!

Another great thing about this game is the fact that you can also make custom maps to beat, nothing like having the guys over to try and beat a map that you’ve made. Plenty of time to do that between the 300 levels this game has to offer. Multiplayer and co-op is also available. No one on Xbox live was available for play at the time of this review, however.

This game has no outstanding issues that would pull its rating down apart from the frustration of not perfecting that jump!

A solid 7/10.

Rez HD
Rez HD was definitely the shocker of the trio. When I first played it, I thought it was very different to the point that I was totally lost.

Like all typical men I ignore any form of instructions - that would make learning the game, in my opinion, boring.

You soon figure out that the game is all about hacking; interactive Johnny Mnemonic hacking. You take the form of a simple formed humanoid shooting at all sorts and shapes of antivirus as you float down the highway towards the brain of the system where it's guarded by elaborate morphing defence systems that shape shift to protect the information core. You will have to see it to believe it.

Shockingly enough this great game is only four levels long, but you’ll play them over and over, as I later discovered.

Every time you attack something and successfully destroy it the game and background music picks up a beat and your simple formed body begins to take on more shape; the more you get hurt the more your body degrades until you are nothing but a ball. But keep up the pace and onslaught and you may just see how human you can make your character look as you zoom down the psychedelic networks of the systems you are trying to bring down from within… literally.

This game is called Rez HD because you can play the HD version or the original version - it’s a no-brainer which one you should choose every time. This game is great for passing time and getting lost in the kaleidoscope like visuals.

For a game with only four levels, there is a surprising amount of gameplay, and I’m still trying to figure out why I don’t regret getting this game; that may be because this game is really worth having. Another 7/10 title!

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