Bethesda’s RAGE features for just under two minutes in the latest episode of season 4 of Breaking Bad. The season has not yet aired in New Zealand.

Those of you wanting to avoid minor spoilers should turn back now.

Last chance...

In the scene, recovering meth addict Jesse Pinkman plays id Software’s RAGE. On the Breaking Bad homepage, AMC writes “Jesse is hunting demons – both in a video game and in his head. See how he deals with his continuing guilt about Gale in this talked about scene from episode 407, 'Problem Dog'.”

Jesse is using a light-gun motion-controller, but it's used for dramatic effect – don’t expect it to be supported when the game is released this October, says Bethesda.

The gratuitous product placement runs on for nearly two minutes and presents viewers with the RAGE logo several times.

You can watch the sequence below – at least until the suits at AMC get the video pulled.