Grand Slam Tennis is possibly the best Wii tennis title available on the market currently, and from the outset the presentation hints at a well engineered game that will have you coming back for more.

There’s no pointer support in the menu system, which I don’t mind at all. But if you want a certain player or a certain mode to play, then this game will have it.

Without Nintendo's new MotionPlus control I was blurting out profanities like Gordon Ramsay with Tourettes. I just couldn’t get the ball to go where I wanted despite the onscreen guide. Adding the MotionPlus did make a difference, yet some serious practice was required before I could play with any confidence. Tracking isn’t quite 1:1, and you get some inconsistent results, but once mastered the experience is a hugely rewarding one. As above, using the nunchuk isn’t required to play, but I highly recommend it as it aids with court positioning tremendously.

EA take the bobble-head route here. Sure, you can easily tell who is who in terms of real-world likeness, but the game doesn’t try to achieve something that the console is never going to handle. Realistic visuals are nice, but the success of sports games comes down to gameplay. EA know this fact only too well. The ball is also larger than Sega’s game, which certainly helps with timing your swing.

A good Career mode and great character creation feature. The inclusion of a Party Mode which has a good selection of multiplayer mini-games is a nice touch. Some are hit and miss but others are brilliant fun if you have enough lounge room for 4 players.

If you have the time and patience, have the MotionPlus peripheral and are a true tennis fan, then EA’s Grand Slam Tennis is the path to take. It looks good, has decent customisation and multiplayer options.