A lone Predator has set off to uncover the cause behind an attack on a Predator ship which has crash landed in thick bush near a small town. It’s a mission like no other, testing your skills against the ship's hostile cargo and the people of the small town where the battle takes place, in Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

Bearing the same name as the movie, Requiem has been released to PSP and sees you take on the role of the lone Predator who goes on a search and destroy mission to Earth. As exciting as the mission sounds, and as great as it is that you will play as a Predator, alas, the impression of a great thing soon turns into a slow and painful death.

When you first start out playing as the Predator, the concept is pretty cool. Initially you start out going through a few simple tasks to get a feel for the game and some of the Alien capabilities and arsenal, which sets you up initially with a shoulder cannon, thermal vision and an invisible cloak. The control system is relatively straightforward and is similar to recent games on PSP that make good use of the directional buttons and triggers. It's actually one part of the game that works well and makes up for the PSP's lack of additional triggers and analogue stick.

You're probably wondering, what’s wrong with it then? Well the simple tasks you carry out at the start pretty much flow into the main gameplay. It offers no real challenge or variety to carry it through to its painful ending. Your task is to basically go through and destroy the Aliens and clean up any remains of the Predator ship.

Through battle you can easily dispose of Aliens through targeting them at a safe distance with your shoulder cannon. However the Aliens don’t put up too much of a challenge and you can easily approach and use your hand blades to slice through them effortlessly. The only time their attack has any impact is when they jump out of nowhere or you mistakenly back into them while in battle with others. They unleash a few cheap shots, but the impact really depends on how quickly you can pan to your attacker and return the favour, rather than the AI being smart and running a few rings around you.

During battle you can gain “Honour” points through disposing of Aliens in a particular fashion or showing some restraint in not taking out any innocent parties. These points are then transferred and used to upgrade your weapons and armour. However, you have to wonder what the point is, given that you can easily dispose of most of them using just what you start out with at the opening scene. Rather than becoming stronger, you become invincible, which takes away the survival aspect of the game.

To dispose of any traces of the ship or Alien remains is even easier. You will be directed to tip liquid onto the item or place an explosive on it so that it explodes into pieces. This task had the potential to allow you to explore the various levels, but the items are all detailed out in the map. Given the levels are pretty small, we couldn’t see what the point was in pointing out the location of each of the items. You wont have any trouble either when trying to find where to place the explosives because it labels them clearly, in some cases they are screaming at you!

Moving away from the main story mode, Requiem also has a multiplayer mode and a mini-game called Skirmish. These modes are similar and are basically a shoot out with the Aliens being the target. You have a set five minutes to clear as many out. Nothing comes out of the additional modes apart from displaying a score, and yes that includes the multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode just sees the two of you shooting it out, but not at each other, which probably would have been more fun. At the end you get a score and a "thanks for coming" feeling.

Requiem guides you through each of the nooks and crannies of the game, taking away many great opportunities which could have made this a great play. This game sadly seems like a job quickly rushed to coincide with the movie release, which is a shame because it definitely had the potential to be a good addition to the PSP collection.